It never fails to send a shiver of excitement down my spine when I first hear Noddy Holder belt out those immortal words each Christmas. It is true more today than ever before. I am so excited about we have lined up for you this month I can hardly contain my excitement. We have hints and tips to survive the festive period of course, but we have games, competitions, a Christmas party, meet ups, Christmas jumpers and an early morning New Year’s Day run all planned for you all. OMG! Who said going alcohol free (AF) is boring?


Over the next month and into the new year, we will be coming to you with all the tools you need to stay on course, but also have a little fun with it…


First up is the OYNB Christmas party at the legendary Ministry of Sound. Check out the infamous sound of ‘the BOX’ on Tuesday Morning (that’s right, I said morning) next week, 5th December, from 6:30am to 10am. The Morning Gloryville Bauble Ball will be a great party and the whole team at OYNB are looking forward to it. We will be there, we hope you can make it too.


Now for a change of speed. We broadcast our festive webinar last week. It was a great opportunity for us to talk about Christmas as the huge challenge that it will be for us all this festive season.  We covered some top TOP tips to survive…


  1. Why? Write down the reasons why you want to stay alcohol free this holiday. If you have these written down, it’s on paper, it’s in your head, it’s real and you are MUCH more likely to succeed.
  2. Get loaded up on alcohol-free alternatives this year… As Andy would say… “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, and it is absolutely true. If all you have to drink are alcoholic – that’s what you will drink. Find something that you like ahead of time so you don’t feel like you are missing out or having less fun than everyone else. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real problem for some people (including me).
  3. It’s so important, having someone that is watching out for and keep you on the straight and narrow to stay off booze. This will also lead to a huge transformation in other parts of your life as well.
  4. Do mindfulness. The benefits of mindfulness are so BIG, that we have to tell you about it relentlessly. When we do, we almost always get the response… “I don’t have the time”, which is crazy. If you don’t have the time for mindfulness, you NEED mindfulness”. Trust us, just 10 minutes every day, it will change your life.


We will of course be setting up more webinars soon so look out for those advertised on the various facebook and pages and groups.  Of course you can relive last week’s webinar in all of its AF glory here.


Happy Christmas all – we will see you soon.


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