So not so long ago for me, I’d probably be at work right now absolutely HANGING.

I would be comparing some phone pictures with my colleagues trying to work out what the hell I was wearing and who I was with.

I’d be watching the clock for lunchtime and seeing if anyone fancied a lunch or even just a beer, and if no-one fancied either of those, I’d go myself for a hair of the dog and see who was down there.

Friday was the PERFECT time to have a couple at lunch, cruise through the afternoon, have a few more painkillers and go for some after work drinks.

I would give it the old – “I need to have a chat with the team after work today it's been a stressful week” WhatsApp to the Mrs… “Ok” comes the response, which as every man knows DOES NOT MEAN “OK.”

Surely enough, 2 or 3 pints in it would be time for the “trains delayed” WhatsApp which would get no response.

By the time I got home it’s now 9 pm instead of 7 pm and dinner is looking almost as stale as the expression on my wife’s face.

I’m so glad I’m not on that merry go round anymore.

Sure having drinks on a Friday is great fun once in a while, I still enjoy it.

What’s removed is the disingenuous behaviour, the white lies and the constant build up on angst in our relationship.

Are you feeling a bit like this today?

Do you want to just escape to the pub and shut off?

Does the thought of going home on time make you want to hit the pub?

I’ve been there… Most of it's in your head.. And taking a break from the booze will show that to you, you just have to trust me.

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