Happy (AF) Thanksgiving y’all…

Since we are a multicultural group, we wanted to give a shout out to our North-American members and also recognise the Thanksgiving holiday as a key trigger point for many of our members to ‘get plowed’.   

But first, since we are on the topic of Thanksgiving we also wanted to allow ourselves the self-indulgent opportunity to tell you our top 3 things that we are thankful for…

  • Top of the list has to be you lot. That’s right, we are VERY thankful that you are the special bunch that you are. Giving up the sauce for any stretch of time is a herculean undertaking and your dedication and passion to help others is truly inspirational. Spending time in the various groups is a heart-warming place to be. We don’t say it enough, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. 


  • Technology. Weird one I know, bit of a curve ball (loving the American metaphors), but we are very thankful that we live in a world of web and social wonderfulness. We couldn’t do what we do without all of the tech that supports us and you.


  • Timing – A successful comic would tell you that their world is all about timing. Same is true for us. If we tried to do exactly the same thing ten years ago I think it would have fallen on its arse and gone broke in the process. The time is right, people are starting to ask themselves challenging questions about their relationship/dependence of alcohol. Waves of young people are not going down the same path that we did at their age.

Now, let’s talk Turkey (I am enjoying this). Thanksgiving is the Everest of family occasions in the U.S. Please “reach out” (one of my favourite Americanisms) to our OYNB members from the land of the free as they will need your emotional support to carry them through this.


Top 5 tips for surviving Thanksgiving…


  1. Affirmations. Find your mantra… “I will not drink”, “Drunk Uncle Terry will not get to me”, “I am alcohol free”… Whatever works for you, keep repeating it yourself. Tell yourself you WILL do it and it WILL happen. Affirmation is incredibly powerful.  


  1. Buddy up. There will be at least one family member that will have your back in your time of need, a brother, sister, mother or father that will support your efforts to be drink free. Remember that the threat may come from all directions, including from within. A buddy will help you dodge all of these trigger points.      


  1. Visualisation. Imagine yourself being hangover free when you wake up on Black Friday. Find something to look forward to on Black Friday. Being smug (and loud) at the family breakfast table always did it for me. The thought of your kin reaching for their third cup of coffee and the box of panadol when you return from your morning run is also high on the smug factor chart.


  1. Be thankful you are AF. It seems like an obvious one, but wherever you are on your AF journey, be thankful. Be proud of your AF achievements and tell people. If you do this, you will find that you will be bullet-proof to the pressure from your family.    


  1.  Load up on the alternatives. Get your alcohol-free beers (there are now a plethora) your alcohol-free bubbly and we all know that placebos work 33% of the time so use this stat in your favour.  Most of your cravings will go after a good alcohol-free alternative (and a few glasses of water to quench your thirst – most cravings are just thirst.)


So, in the spirit of thanksgiving, as the Pilgrim said to the Indian (probably, maybe, as you can see I am making this up now), be good to others and be good to yourself… Peace out (Oh god, I hope I haven’t offended anyone?).    

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