Ever heard of the saying “where your attention goes, your energy flows?” Well, it’s true! And you can utilise this to your advantage when working towards the life you want to live.

Close your eyes and imagine what a picture perfect lifestyle looks like for you. What do you see? Is it a vast contrast to the life you are leading now? Don’t be saddened if you answer yes, but it’s time to ask yourself, why? 

So often, we have these ideal images in our minds of how we would like our lives to be, and yet we set ourselves boundaries and give excuses as to why this is not our reality. Okay, okay, maybe some of our aspirations are harder to attain than others, like if your dream is to live in a Zoo or have a home in every continent for example. However, there will be aspects of that dream lifestyle that are within your reach, you just have to focus your energy on getting there. Yes, it will take time and focus, but what good things in life don’t?

There really are no limits on what you can achieve if you put your mind to it, even living in a zoo! It may require a little soul searching to discover what it is you want to strive for, or to investigate why you hold limiting beliefs about what you are able to accomplish, but if you are able to face these obstacles and come up with a clear idea of what you want – then who knows what could happen. You certainly won’t achieve anything if you’re not up for giving it a shot!

Step 1 – Visualise

Okay so let’s go back to basics. Visualise your life as it is now. Take a step back and try to see it holistically. What are the parts you love? The parts that bring you joy, drive you forwards and energise you? These are the aspects we want to develop and grow. 

Now, try to pinpoint the aspects of your lifestyle that feel the opposite. What don’t you love doing? What drains you of energy? What brings you anxiety? While some of these will be responsibilities that, unfortunately, you may just have to get on with, there may be others you are able to adapt and change to suit you better. For example, could you make a career change that would help make you feel more fulfilled? Could you make alterations to your routine to help you sleep better so you have more energy? Are there skills you wish to learn or hobbies you’d like to make more time for?

Don’t rush this step. It is vital you have a clear set of objectives for exactly what you want to achieve so you can direct your energy into these specific areas.

Step 2 – Implement one change at a time

It is so tempting to try to make all of your fabulous changes all at once in order to transform your life all in one go. But unfortunately, often that is unrealistic if you want these changes to last long term. Instead, take your time. Make one change at a time, once you have this new behaviour nailed, then focus on the next. You may find that one of the changes you wanted to make for yourself doesn’t work for you in reality. Allow yourself the time and flexibility to adapt and edit as you go.

Step 3 – Don’t be afraid of looking for guidance

No one said this would be easy. It can be tricky to look at your life objectively and make a clear plan for how you will move forwards with your goals. This is why we developed our MasterMind course, to help those who have come out the other side of their alcohol-free challenge with all this newfound energy and motivation, looking for what comes next. 

MasterMind is a six-week course that covers a number of topics within the weekly group coaching sessions with our Head MasterMind Coach, Chris Laping, including guided weekly activities designed to help you pinpoint your new direction and access to a highly motivating, tight knit community of others in the same position as you, all pushing to create their ideal lifestyle. 

Being part of a wider community all seeking to maximise the opportunities presented in life can act as a brilliant motivator – apparently you are a sum of the 5 people you spend most of your time with, so it can’t hurt to add some other driven people to the mix!

The takeaway message

The main thing we want to communicate to you in this post is that you don’t know what you can achieve until you try. Not to be all cheesy, but if you can dream it, there is no reason why you can’t make it happen – you just have to put the work in. Once you have a clear destination in your mind for where you would like your life to end up, you will start to notice opportunities that fit into this plan so you can begin to align your present with your desired future. Whether you choose to join us for our next MasterMind course or you choose to chase after your goals solo, just remember – you have got this!


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