Many of our members have attempted to quit alcohol in the past or tried a Dry January but never managed to stop drinking long enough to feel the magic a real break brings. One of the biggest upsides to the OneYearNoBeer challenge is the vitality, zest and energy you reagin. Energy is the lifeblood of a thriving lifestyle. The more we have the more we can do, it’s as simple as that. Instead of feeling tired, or in need of a rest we can bat on. Jump up, get out there and live. Better.

What you will discover during the first 90 days of your year without alcohol is that your mind, body and diet are all connected. Peak performance in the office, at home and life is achieved through these three interconnected elements. The great news is that giving up alcohol is the best possible start you can give yourself towards a life that thrives.


MINDFIT : The number one user of energy is your brain. When you are hungover and anxious your mind is full of needless worry and stress, which burns extra energy. When sober, mindful and calm you maximise your energy output.

BODYFIT: Exercise increases your energy efficiency. The stronger your muscles, heart and lungs, the more efficiently you use energy, leading to more precious savings.

FOODFIT: What you eat is the fuel that powers your body and mind. You would not put cheap dirty petrol into your car, knowing that it will run out of gas before you reach your destination. So why fill your body with such rubbish.

Everyone starts their day with a full energy tank, it is their choices throughout the day that dictate how this energy is used. It is much easier to save energy than to create more of it. So the quickest way to more energy is to use it wisely. Processed foods and alcohol for example will drain your resources very quickly. Leading to more stress, less motivation to exercise and a downward spiral of health and vitality.

Whereas if you eat well and stop drinking you will have more energy to exercise for example. As you exercise you will become more efficient at using energy, providing more energy to exercise. As you train your mental health will improve and techniques such as mindfulness will also reduce your stress giving you more energy and motivation to eat well and train harder. This circle of healthy living spirals upwards creating a life that thrives. It is so simple. Everything is connected. And the best possible start you can give yourself is to quit alcohol. If you’ve ever tried to figure out how to stop drinking then OneYearNoBeer has the answer.

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