Coaching is a powerful tool you can utilise in your pursuit of personal growth and development. We are here to explain what it is, what it isn’t, and how it can help you. 

When you think of the word ‘coaching’, what comes to mind? Words of encouragement? An opportunity to learn? Guidance from someone who has expertise in something? All of this is true and more. 

What is coaching?

Coaching is a way to help you accelerate your personal development by working with someone who has specific experience or expertise in a particular subject, called a coach, who can then pass on their professional advice and guidance with the aim to achieve a determined personal or professional goal. This can span almost any area of life and can offer valuable insight for those seeking to learn something new. 

We can see examples of coaching throughout life, but they are particularly common within sports and exercise, and in the arts, but coaching spans so much more than just these areas. Swim coaches, hockey coaches, singing coaches, you get the idea! In this context, the coach is there to offer insight into how the athlete can improve their technique in order to learn, develop and accelerate them towards achieving particular goals. 

This same principle, however, can be applied to coaching in any vocation or pursuit in life. Whether it is in nutrition, mindset, behaviour change or something else, you can utilise the expertise and experience of someone else in order to learn new ways to improve. Coaching offers you an opportunity to continue your learning well beyond schooling, empowering you to achieve what might otherwise be out of reach. Working with a coach also provides an outside perspective. Too often we can get stuck within our own limiting beliefs, and all we need at times to find the solution is a fresh outlook on a situation. 

What coaching isn’t

While many people will use a coach to help them overcome a particular obstacle, it is a misconception that coaching is only there to help people who are suffering with a problem. 

Coaching isn’t the same thing as counselling or therapy, and while you may be required to look at your past in order to inform your next steps, coaching is far more future focused than these other services. While it is beneficial for you to allow your coach to get to know you, you don’t need to divulge your life’s story should you not be comfortable to. You can banish the idea of being laid out on a sofa, recalling childhood memories to someone scribbling notes – while this is very helpful for those seeking a therapy experience, coaching is designed to assist you in creating a roadmap for how you reach your goals. 

Who is coaching for?

Absolutely anyone can benefit from having a coach. Especially if you have a particular goal or ambition in mind that you’d like guidance to achieve. If you are finding it difficult to cement lifestyle changes such as being alcohol-free, a coach can help you to implement techniques and tools that are tailored to your life and how your mind works. If you are seeking a career change in order to make the most of your newfound time and energy after taking your alcohol-free challenge, a coach can help you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in order to find the best path that suits you. Coaching can be completely bespoke to you, your circumstances and your life desires. 

The benefits of life coaching

One of the great benefits of coaching is that it can help you to reach conclusions in order to make decisions for what you want to do next in your life. If you have ever been unsure about a career change, uncertain of how to bridge the gap between a pipe dream and reality, or just need a confidence boost to rally you to take the leap, life coaching can offer you some clear steps. It is an opportunity to put yourself first, prioritise your own goals and aspirations and to invest in your own future – you could be enjoying the positive domino effect of this for the rest of your life! 

Coaching qualifications

Of course, it is important to ensure that you find the right coach for you, and one that has the necessary expertise, experience and qualifications to be able to make a genuine difference. At OYNB, we pride ourselves on having high standards for our coaching services and all OYNB coaches are qualified with a recognised training provider, follow a strict Code of Ethics and have access to coaching supervision to ensure their continued development.

Each coach will come with their own set of skills and interests, and like any relationship, there will be some you gel with better than others. A little like dating, you may need to chat to a couple of coaches before you find one that you have synergy with, but once you meet a coach you are comfortable with, your coaching partnership can flourish.

Coaching at OYNB

We have a number of different coaching services available for you to utilise throughout your OYNB journey, depending on what you are looking for and what you are hoping to achieve. From group coaching with other like-minded people hoping to solidify their alcohol-free lifestyle, to bespoke 121 coaching where you can delve into any personal or professional goals you may have, to hyper focused goal setting coach-led courses that offer expert guidance and encouragement to get you over the starting line, and onto your path to success.

The sky is the limit

The only limitations on this quest for personal development are the ones we place on ourselves, and coaches can help you to smash through these to get what you really want out of life. No dream is too ambitious and no barrier is too big to smash through. If you would be interested to find out more about our coaches services or you have any questions about how to get started on your own coaching journey, send us an email to [email protected] and our brilliant team will direct you.


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