Summer is coming and with the sunshine comes alcohol. Those peaceful sunsets, washed down with a glass of vino or the BBQ full of beer. It's at times like these an alcohol free lifestyle is challenged. But let’s not forget the very same occasions still lead us back towards old habits of lethargy, zero motivation and regret. Let’s look at this another way.


Imagine how great it will be to witness the sunset in all it’s glory with a clear head and then wake up and enjoy the sunrise feeling great?

We all love our mates and BBQ’s are a great way to bring friends together, but imagine how cool it would be to really talk, find out and remember what your friends are up to?

Imagine you could have the time of your life this summer – and remember it!

What if you finally shed that weight, got promoted, took on those hobbies, deepened the important relationships in your life ten fold, fell in love again, and most importantly, FINALLY, FINALLY sorted out all those niggling little things that have been stacking up…It's not a magic pill, but it's damn close.  


Let’s give up booze this summer and make it your best ever!


At OneYearNoBeer we have witnessed thousands of our members not only survive the summer but positively thrive. Perhaps your sober summer will be the best yet. Here’s a toolkit to take on this summer alcohol free:


Friends taking photos using smart phone

1. Be the photographer

Taking photos is a lovely way to remember an occasion, it gets you involved in the group and gives you a little extra something to do. It also gives you a nice excuse if your present company is a little boring or drunk!



2. Drive or cycle there (don’t get me started on drink driving and cycle deaths)

Not only is it good for your health, but cycling will keep your mind focused on a safe ride home. Don’t set yourself up for guilt free drinking, make sure you’re in control and accountable.


3. Get to the bar first

Tonic water and lime looks exactly like Gin and Tonic. Bring everyone else shots – have a shot of tonic water with them. They will think you are the ultimate party person, and probably forgive you for not drinking.


cherry4. Choose the bar with the best non-alcoholic drinks

You might not know it, but not drinking is kind of the new cool. Most places have an amazing non-alcoholic menu that will leave you craving more and leave you looking as good as when you walked in the door.



5. Go for a run or exercise before you meet

Get in the healthy mindset before you even walk out of the door. Reminding yourself of your goals and how good it feels to be at your peak before you go out will give you the motivation you need to make it through. Keep your eye on the prize!


6. Try a non-alcoholic beer

Ahh, the smell of sizzling sausages… just makes me want to reach for a beer. So don’t deny yourself that psychology. There are a HUGE selection of awesome non alcohol beers (and other drinks) to quench your thirst and still feel better than drinking water… (yawn). Have a look at for beer inspiration.


Take on this summer without fear and drop the booze! We can’t wait to hear about all of the amazing things you do with your newfound energy!


Weekly Testimonial

I’m 44 days in and feel as if something has finally clicked to redefine my relationship with the booze. I can finally see, and feel, that the positives outweigh any cravings that might crop up. Keep on keeping on! – Mhucdubh, Member

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