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Best alcohol free beer for 2020

Which are the best alcohol free beers in 2020? Here is OYNB alcohol-free beer reviews, ranked best to worst by style and taste. If you'd like to check out more of our top alcohol-free or low-alcohol drinks articles, try ‘the best non-alcoholic and low-alcohol wines for 2020'.

Here are our top reviewed non-alcohol beers:

  1. Heineken 0.0
  2. Brewdog Nanny State
  3. Becks Blue
  4. Low Alcohol Old Speckled Hen
  5. Erdinger Alkoholfrei
  6. Wellbeing Brewing Co Heavenly Body Golden Wheat
  7. Adnams Ghost Ship Big Drop Brewing Co “Brown Ale”
  8. Infinite Session “Pils”
  9. Furstenberg “Alkoholfrei”
  10. Schneider Weisse “Tap 3”
  11. Lucky Saint “Lager”
  12. Mikkeller “Drink'in the Snow”
  13. San Miguel “0.0” alcohol-free (0%) pilsner
  14. Pistonhead non-alcoholic “Flat Tire”

If we have missed out your favourite non alcoholic beer be sure to let us know in the comments below.

For the alcohol-free lager lovers

Heineken 0.0

Where to buy online?

4 x 330ml for £3.50 from Tesco or 6 x 330ml for £4.09 from Waitrose in the UK or one case for $30.00 from BWS in Australia
ABV: 0.05%

Heineken’s 0.0% version is an easy-going, light and bubbly little number, surprisingly similar to regular Heineken, with fewer off-putting AF traits than many other under 0.5% beers. With a fruity flavour and slight malty notes, this option makes for an easy going booze-free beverage. Heineken 0.0% is already available in Australia and the UK, and this year will launch in the US, released in response to health and wellness demands.

Heineken 0.0 Review

“Hardened Heineken drinkers might be able to tell the difference between standard Heiny and 0.0, but I struggled. And, it’s not bad in the taste, aroma and body department either.”

Infinite Session “Pils” (0.5%) lager

Where to buy online?

Infinite Session Alcohol-Free Beer (Craft Lager, Case of 12 Cans) can be bought online from Amazon.

Lots of craft non-alcoholic breweries dry hop their lagers with aromatic US hops, creating beers more reminiscent of American pale ales.

Infinite Session has gone down a more traditional route with the new recipe for its “Pils” lager-style beer. It contains European Hallertau and Saaz hops, which are popular German and the Czech beers. The result is an understated herbal and floral aroma that complements its light maltiness and soft carbonation.

Infinite Session “Pils” (0.5%) lager review

“This new version, made with a different yeast and traditional pilsner hops is all about the floral, herby flavours and will please pilsner drinkers as well anyone with an adventurous palate.”

Furstenberg “Alkoholfrei” (0.5%) lager

Where to buy online?

If you are looking to buy this non alcoholic beer online you can pick some up at Wise Bartender.

While UK and US breweries have only recently found mileage in non-alcoholic beer, German breweries have been producing them for years. Take Black Forest brewery Furstenberg, which released this “Alkoholfrei” 0.5% lager back in 1972.

Furstenberg “Alkoholfrei” review

“Alkoholfrei” has tingle of carbonation that will suit fans of cask ale, plus biscuit and pepper flavours in the taste and aroma that make it a perfect introduction to the varied world of German non-alcoholic beer.”

Lucky Saint “Lager” (0.5%) lager

Where to buy online?

This top reviewed alcohol free beer can be purchased online at DryDrinker.

Lucky Saint is a UK company that produces its beers using German expertise and ingredients, including Bavarian spring water. Importantly, Lucky Saint has also developed its own yeast strain, suited to its ultra-low-alcohol beers.

Unfiltered and deliciously hazy, Lucky Saint wows when you pour it into your glass. The aroma and taste are initially simple and clean like a typical lager, with lemon and root beer flavours making an appearance mid sip.

Lucky Saint “Lager” review

“The low bitterness of this alcohol free lager means it could also appeal to those who don’t normally drink lager or beer.”

For the hoppy tongued

Brewdog Nanny State

Where to buy online?

4 x 330ml for £4.50 from Tesco or 1 x 330ml for £1.25 from Sainsbury’s

ABV: 0.5%From the brewery known for beers, bars and crowdfunding (as well as the strongest and most expensive beer in history!) comes Nanny State, a 0.5% hoppy beer that barks with an authentic bitterness, perfect for those partial to an IPA. Full of citrussy hoppy flavours with a lingering piney bitterness, Nanny State has orange, grapefruit and mango bound together in the malting process. This is low alcohol beer as it should be. 

Brewdog Nanny State review

“This non-alcoholic ale looks and tastes the part. If you’re sceptical about alcohol-free beer, give it a go. I’ll wager you’ll change your mind.”

Pistonhead non-alcoholic “Flat Tire”  – low-alcohol (0.5%) (hoppy) lager

Where to buy online?

if you are looking for a case of Pistonhead non-alcoholic “Flat Tire on Amazon.

A lager that pours smoothly without an over-inflated head, Pistonhead Flat Tire has a balanced and rich malt body and balanced, slightly marked bitterness.

Centennial and Mosaic varieties of American hops give the brew a fresh floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit and citrus. With an aroma of hop floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit and citrus combined with a full-bodied, malty flavor balanced by a pleasant bitterness.

Pistonhead non-alcoholic “Flat Tire” review

“You’ll probably enjoy it if you prefer your aromatic, hoppy beers. However, if you’re looking for an alternative to a standard lager, you probably won’t like non-alcoholic Flat Tire.”

For the thirsty alcohol free beer drinkergroup of girls enjoying non alcoholic beer

Becks Blue

Where to buy online?

15 x 275ml for £7.50 from Tesco
ABV: 0.05%

Sure, it’s not the best low alcohol option out there. But it’s a decent glassful when you’re not drinking alcohol, especially since it’s available in so many pubs and bars. The high bitterness might be an issue for some, but refreshing for others, with foam that leave a luxurious linger as it glides down.

Becks Blue review

“Sure, it’s not the best alcohol-free lager out there. But it’s a decent option when you’re not drinking alcohol, especially since it’s available in so many pubs and bars. That said, the high bitterness might be an issue for some.”

Andams Ghost Ship

Where to buy online?

Andams Ghost Ship 8 x Adnams Alcohol Free Ghost Ship 500ml Pale ale Beer 0.5% for £24.99 on Amazon.

Brewed in Suffolk, using reverse osmosis the brewers at Adnams are able to create a low alcohol version of their extremely popular Ghost ship ale. The result is a crispy, light and super tasty pale ale. Perfect for those who prefer something lest “hoppy” which is sure to be popular with a lot of non alcoholic beer drinkers.

Ghost Ship alcohol free review

“Ghost Ship 0.5%” is an aromatic and fruity pale ale with caramel and tropical fruits in the aroma and flavour… This has a great malt character on the nose, something like digestive biscuits, then is citrussy and grassy on the palate. It actually tastes like an Adnams pale ale. I gave this to a friend, who didn’t realise it was alcohol-free.”

Schneider Weisse “Tap 3” (0.5%) wheat beer

Where to buy online?

Schneider Weisse “Tap 3” can be bought online from Beer Hawk.

Schneider Weisse is another German brewery. It specialises in wheat beers (“weisse” means “white” in German). “Tap 3” is the non-alcoholic version of its flagship wheat beer.

It has a thick body is a little darker than a typical weisse but just as refreshing making it ideal for the change in the seasons. There's a little spice in the aroma and a sweet flavour with minimal bitterness, so it's an easy drinker.

Schneider Weisse “Tap 3” review

“Wheat beers often make for a good alcohol-free beer and Schneider Weisse “Alkoholfrei” doesn’t disappoint. And while the aroma isn’t anything to get too excited about, it’s backed up by a fabulous mouthfeel and a nicely balanced sweet and bitter flavour.”

San Miguel “0.0” alcohol-free (0%) pilsner

Where to buy online?

This light and fresh alcohol free beer can be shipped to you from the good people at Amazon.

San Miguel “0.0 review

“With its low carbonation and creamy mouthfeel, it might even appeal if you like hearty, malty ales.”

For the ale drinkers

Low alcohol Old Speckled Hen

Where to buy online?

12 x 500ml for £17.99 from Greene King or 1 x 500ml for £1.30 from Morrisons

ABV: 0.5% An alluring addition to the non-alcoholic beer market, and solid option for ale drinkers, is a low alcohol variant of the popular Old Speckled Hen. This option is brewed with Pale and Crystal malts alongside Challenger, First Gold and Goldings hops, and “faithfully delivers flavour characteristics reminiscent of the 5.0% ABV bottled beer,” according to the brewer. It’s a satisfying alternative to the real thing, with a malty, lightly toasted aroma, and a light toffee taste. This certainly paves the way for more low alcohol ale alternatives.

Old Speckled Hen review

“Although both versions of Old Speckled Hen share the same appearance and body, the low-alcohol Old Speckled Hen lacks sweetness and bitterness compared to the original version.”

Big Drop Brewing Co “Brown Ale” (0.5%)

Where to buy online?

Big Drop Brewing Co “Brown Ale” is available to buy at Zeroholic.

Suffolk's Big Drop Brewing Co specialise in non-alcoholic beer, using innovative techniques to produce beers under 0.5% ABV.

With its sweet, smoky aromas, the Big Drop's “Brown Ale” transports your mind to a comfy chair by the fire in a country pub. It also features rich, fruity caramel, currant and plum flavours sprinkled with dashes of coffee and vanilla.  Definitely one to savour on a damp autumn day.

Big Drop Brewing Co “Brown Ale” review

“This beautiful ale is malt-focused with a toasty aroma and soft grassy notes because of the light use of hops. The palate is malty with a touch of fruit and caramel. Pair this beer with something hearty like a good beef stew.”

Mikkeller “Drink'in the Snow” (0.5%) winter beer

Where to buy online?

Mikkeller “Drink'in the Snow can be bought online from LightDrinks.

If you're not yet ready to leave those juicy pale ales behind now that summer is over, Mikkeller's “Drink'in the Snow” could be the ideal transition beer as the days start cooling off.

Its appearance is typical of a malty porter or stout. Yet its tarty lemon and tropical fruits that dominate the flavours, probably thanks to Mikkeller's famous mikkellensis yeast strain, which it uses for many of its non-alcoholic beers.

Throw in some cocoa and roasted coffee flavours from the dark malts in this one and you have yourself a distinctive and tasty non-alcoholic beer.

Mikkeller “Drink'in the Snow” review

“The aroma and flavours are varied and interesting and it looks great too. And it’s not just a drink for winter – the citrusy flavours make it ideal for summer too as an alternative to fruity pale ales and lagers.”

For the health conscious

Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Where to buy?

1 x 500ml for £1.20 from Sainsbury’s

ABV: 0.5%Besides its low alcohol benefits, Erdinger is promoted as an isotonic drink. With vitamin B12 and folic acid, this brew can be used as a recovery option after exercise. This AF beer has a wheaty aroma with subtle banana scents. With a distinctive, malty taste, there is a good depth of flavour and bitter finish. This option is an ideal non-alcoholic alternative on a hot summer’s day. 

Erdinger Alkoholfrei review

“This is a perfectly acceptable non-alcoholic beer. It’s a surprisingly good post-workout beer too, which is definitely more fun and refreshing than plain water. Sure, the taste and smell could be a little more interesting. But it still beats many standard beers in this department.”

alcohol free beer, cheers!

For the Americans

Wellbeing Brewing Co Heavenly Body Golden Wheat

Where to buy online?

6 x 12 fl oz for $11.99 from Amazon
ABV: 0.5%

As the US has far fewer options in the AF beer market, we did some digging to include an option that was American-brewed. With a wide range of flavours available from this brewery, this US treat is a perfect thirst quencher with hints of grapefruit and spice. An award-winning recipe, based on a Great American Beer Festival, this brew is proud to be American, and is ideal when you are taking care of your heavenly body!

Wellbeing Brewing Co Heavenly Body Golden Wheat review

“Based on a GABF award-winning recipe, Heavenly Body Golden Wheat has a light sweetness in the nose with a touch of herbal hops. Not at all thin like some non-alcoholic beers can be. I’d never guess it was non-alcoholic.”

Glass half full

It’s fantastic news that more and more AF and low alcohol beers are available online, in stores, and in bars, with enough flavour options to keep it interesting, making that clear head in the morning all the more enjoyable! Bottoms up!


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