When I bump into people I knew growing up who were amazing athletes in their younger years,  it’s always a little sad when, clearly, they left these days long behind them. I am not talking about professional athletes I am talking about the kids who were great footballers, runners, tennis players… You know who you are and know how much you enjoyed these glory days.


For all you former athletes, footballers, sports people, your families need you. They need you to get back to the actives you love and have left behind. They want a fit, healthy, vibrant you. They want to see those old pictures of success on the mantlepiece brought back to life. Just because you’re a little older and your body's current state does not fill you with confidence, does not mean you should give up.


This is a rally call to all you former warriors. Dust off your boots, trainers and ballet shoes and get back to your best.


To many of us, we left behind the sports and activities we loved due to the demands of life and work. Many of these activities bring us to flow states. Or as athletes call it – ‘being in the zone’. Time stops and our mind and body are one with the activity. The science is telling us that these activities are good for us. Studies have shown that flow increases happiness, boosts resilience and reduces stress, along with a whole host of other benefits.


The quickest way back to your best and towards those things you love, which bring flow, is to give up drinking. This is not a Dry January moment, this is a real lifestyle change. The extra time, vitality and energy quitting alcohol brings is nothing short of miraculous. Stop drinking and use this as your platform to get back to your best. This is why OneYearNoBeer is much bigger than you, it’s about leading by example showing your family and friends what you once were. A hero – now make your family proud.


Deep down you know you can do it. You have been through this process many times before. You know that you have to train and it hurts at times. You know that you need to be organised, making time to practice and workout. But with a little effort this is all possible in your present life, just as it was years ago.


I understand that you could be carrying a few war wounds and the knee will not let you run like you used to, but does that stop you swimming? Does that stop you walking or cycling? You get the idea. Just because you might not be able to relive the same sport or activity in the same way does not mean you can’t adapt or try something new.


Start really small and really easy, walk rather than run. Don’t try and jump from zero to hero in an afternoon. Build up slowly over a matter of weeks/months. Set small challenges along the way that you will easily overcome. Grow confidence in your mind and body, test what it can do. Gradually over time you will work your way back to your best.


Take a moment now to imagine how proud you will be as you cross the line, score the goal or complete the challenge in full view of your family and friends. Relive this moment in your mind. You can do it and you know it.


Remember: You are never too old and it’s never too late. Squeeze into the lycra and get back on the bike!

If you need a little help building the right habits and getting encouraging support from like-minded challengers, then join us today.

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