“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” —James Clear

When I originally signed up for OYNB’s 365-day challenge, I knew I was making an important change in my life but couldn’t fully comprehend the enormity of the impact that it would have. I expected small benefits like getting some time and money back but was unclear whether the change would be earth-shattering or long-lasting.

However, two months in, I made my first key discovery: many times, I used time and money as an excuse not to do things… but when I got them back, I realized it was fear truly holding me down. I feared getting on an airplane and flying over the ocean. I feared completely opening myself up to strangers. I feared confronting pain and disappointment from my past. 

But this is no longer the case… I have now done all three of those things… and more! I started as an OYNB member. Then, I became an investor, I joined the OYNB Board, and now, I’m the Head Coach for MasterMind. (More on that in a minute.)

While going alcohol-free started as a goal, it turned out that “small change” impacted my day-to-day habits. These habits, or systems, created profound benefits and stretched beyond the beverages I choose to consume. 

Enter MasterMind.

Chris LapingI originally took the MasterMind course in early 2019. The purpose of MasterMind is that when you enjoy alcohol-free success, you naturally ask, “Now what? What’s next?”, an OYNB Challenger or Legend becomes interested in resetting their compass. The six-week focus with a tight-knit group of people leads to extraordinary self-discovery and a complete reframing of what’s possible.

In the course, “MasterMinders” log into a private community on Slack and receive a daily challenge video. They are encouraged to ask themselves a key question or take on an important task, supporting them to really look into their deepest self. When they are done, they share their reflections and discoveries with other MasterMinders in the Slack community and via live Zoom chats. (This is where the real magic happens!) 

Each week, MasterMinders have five daily challenges that follow a weekly theme… and those themes build up throughout the course. There is an easy-to-learn approach that focuses on transforming your identity, supporting yourself with healthy habits, and achieving goals you never thought were possible. You soon learn in MasterMind: 

Goals don’t transform you; simple tweaks to your day-to-day systems do!

Since experiencing the MasterMind last year, I’ve had the honor of leading and ultimately, evolving the course. When Andy passed the baton to me in January, I was beyond excited to support people on their personal MasterMind journeys, as I knew first hand just how transformational this programme is. And I have to say: what I’ve witnessed during that time has been nothing short of remarkable.

I’ve gotten a “front seat” view of change and transformation in people’s lives. MasterMind is a community of amazing people with amazing stories. I’ve seen MasterMinders start new businesses, write books, get casted in Hollywood, leave toxic relationships, find everlasting love, live retirement dreams, climb mountains, run marathons, and most importantly, learn to show themselves self-compassion and love. And this is honestly only a small list of what I’ve seen.

While as Challengers we start as people who want something different in our lives and feel as if we aren’t in control, as MasterMinders we end the course with a renewed sense of purpose, life-long friendships we can count on, and a new toolbox of systems that enables happiness and fulfillment.

I’m so grateful to have been a MasterMinder and now to be the guide. I hope you will join our small, elite group in October as we reset our compasses and we redefine what is possible!


If you would like to find out more about our MasterMind course starting in April, visit us here or send us your questions to [email protected].


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