And it's another first for OYNB!  We were only broadcast around the world on BBC World News the other day! To more than 200 countries, 300 million homes and 1.8 million hotel rooms!  BOOM! Then again on BBC Breakfast Saturday morning. BANG! Did you know OYNB is a worldwide alcohol-free movement, with over 25,000 members in over 90 countries. WOAH! That’s quite some tribe we’ve built and it’s constantly growing!

The BBC news item featured some OYNBers talking about their amazing new alcohol-free lifestyles and how the OYNB programme got them there. OYNB showed a positive way to change your relationship and habits around alcohol. Seeing and hearing OYNB on the BBC in a 10 minute repeating slot was an awesome moment, and you know what?  It couldn’t have happened without YOU! Everyone involved with OYNB can be very proud of what we’ve built and achieved together.


So let’s bask in it one more time….

Katie Silver introduced OYNB as ‘the brain-child of broker and BOOZE-CRUSADER Ruari Fairbairns. We liked that.  So much so we asked Google to define ‘crusader’ and Google said: ‘… a crusader leads or take part in a vigorous campaign for social, political, or religious change.” Yes! OYNB is about social change.  And it’s happening fast.  Andy Ramage, Ruari Fairbairns, the team behind them, and all you OYNB tribe-members are creating a huge, global alcohol-free movement!

A recent Telegraph article cited the Office for National Statistics, showing the proportion of adults living the alcohol-free lifestyle is at the lowest level ON RECORD! And alcohol-free beer sales have risen by 28% and alcohol-free wine sales have increased 48%.

For many, especially for those 30 years and over, OYNB is the coaching programme of choice to help support their alcohol-free journey. Why?  It’s highly effective and because our ‘no label, no stigma and lots of support’ approach make alcohol-free living aspirational.  We create tribes that people can belong to, that lift and support then, whilst celebrating challenges and achievements.  There is no sense of shame within OYNB – we are about empowering people to be the best they can be.

The journey begins with going alcohol-free and breaking from your booze-habits – be that binge drinking, nightly drinking, having no stop-button, wasting days to hangovers or any other style of drinking that you just aren’t happy with and you know is holding you back in life.

You can watch the BBC broadcast here, but let’s quickly tell you about some key points covered.


  • So sign up to an alcohol-free challenge (28 days / 90 days / 365 days – you choose)
  • You then start to receive daily emails that set tasks, feed your motivation and work towards rewiring your brain, thinking and perceptions.  We take you on a journey, explaining the science as we go
  • We break this journey down into sprints of 14 days – all building on each other  
  • You’ll also become a member of a tribe where you’ll get a ton of support and new friendships with others on the alcohol-free journey  – accessed via closed FB groups and a closed website forum

Ruari explains where he’d got to with his drinking and why he set up OYNB:

“I wasn’t a daily drinker.  But I was a big drinker a few times a week, and it was starting to cause a lot of trouble in my life.  I had a young child and it just wasn’t acceptable to be hungover all the time, or rolling in at four in the morning.  But drinking and socialising with clients was a big part of my professional life in the city – so much so I thought I couldn’t even do my job well if I wasn’t joining in that.  But that was faulty thinking – I’ve proved that.  In fact EVERYTHING in my life got better when I went alcohol free – my work performance, my relationships, my energy, my sleep, my fitness, my bank account.  I realised as a society we’ve been conned.  Drinking alcohol doesn’t add to your life, it takes things away.  Once I had that clarity I wanted to spread the power of going alcohol-free to everyone, everywhere.”

Ruari and his co-founder Andy Ramage have ensured lots of science is behind the OYNB programme, and once you’re on an alcohol-free challenge this all gets explained to you.

As well as that, many professionals and doctors have endorsed the OYNB programme that is delivered through the challenges.  Professor Kevin Moore of the London Royal Free Hospital appeared in the BBC interview saying this:  

“The OYNB programme is great for people drinking excessively…who are on a slippery slope – who might eventually become the harmful and dependent drinkers of the future.  If you catch somebody in their 30s, this can transform their lives going forward.”

Whilst some say that the OYNB programme may not help those with severe alcohol dependency, it can be very helpful to those at risk of developing problems later in life – halting their progression into dangerous drinking.

And beyond saving lives from destructive drinking, once an alcohol-free life is established and enjoyed, people say incredible things start happening to them – far beyond what they expected.  Getting off the booze is just the beginning and brings many rewards…


The phrase ‘alcohol-free’ or AF is really important – moving OYNB away from associations with words like recovery and sobriety, which suggest I was alcoholic.  I wasn’t.  But boozing was doing me no favours and I wanted a better living experience.  Plus I was getting too old to hack the hangovers!  Living alcohol-free is like being on a wonder-drug.  That sounds wrong I know but it’s true.  Everything about me is better – and it’s all natural. Plus I’ve lost four stone and work out lots.  I’m happy.  I’m generally always happy now.
Sue, OYNB Member

“I went alcohol-free and understand the truly amazing benefits of doing so.  I did it for 8 weeks while filming the second series for Channel 4.  I felt so incredible from it decided to carry on alcohol-free I’m well on my way to 365 days now.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever return to drinking – I like how this feels. I seem to get so much more done; have much more focus; have better relationships with people.  It’s just an all-round better way to live for me.  I’ve never seen anything like OYNB before.  It grabbed me because it’s about helping people stand up and be a better version of themselves – something I am truly passionate about.  I also truly passionate about helping the forces with PTSD therapy.  I’m extremely proud to call myself an ambassador for OYNB – its’ a world-class science-backed challenge and I hope you try it to discover the benefits.  You will NOT regret this.”
Ollie Ollerton – Channel 4 SAS Who Dares Wins & CEO BREAKpoint

“I’ve done dry January before  – and failed!  Because I tried to it alone and saw being alcohol-free as a punishment.  For me, the system of peer and network support with OYNB totally works. I love waking up hangover free, and having more energy more mental clarity, more positivity and more time!  More time to do the things I want to do.  Life is bigger and better all round alcohol-free.”  
James, OYNB Member

So once it was ‘no limits’ when it came to the amount of booze we chucked down our necks.
Now it’s NO LIMITS to the life we create, the adventures we undertake and how amazing we can feel – all this from going alcohol-free. Amazing.



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