I'm balancing an extremely pressurised job in the city, a major construction project which we are living amongst, I started a new business, my father is unwell and I have a newborn and a threenager.  To say life has its stresses would be a massive understatement.


I stopped drinking some time ago, which I am extremely glad I did, for any one of the above was enough to send me down to the local for 1 (when is it ever 1?) pint.  At least I had a chance to voice my stresses to colleagues and often they offered me solutions, which I foolishly believed was the answer.  Especially after 5/6 of them.  I know I would be a mess right now if alcohol was still in the picture, but that is not why I am writing this blog.


This is about maximising your efficiency. You see I can't stand wasted time (my counsellor would have a field day) and so I must always be doing at least two things at once – eating and catching up with wife, watching tv and learning something (documentaries only please!) and most importantly commuting and exercising.


I don't have time for the gym, if I'm not at my desk at work I'm rushing home to give my wife a break, or catch up on Skype with my new business or to meet the builder to talk about tiles. That's why I need to make sure I exercise as I commute.


The obvious are cycling and running. But maybe you feel unsafe cycling and hate running, how else?  


What about combining your morning routine with exercise? That's easy; put your gym kit out at the end of the bed so you have to trip over it in the morning, pop it on and stick 20 mins HIIT into YouTube. You will be sweating in 5 mins and knackered in 15. This short but intensive bit of exercise is enough to get your metabolism into overdrive and burning calories all day long.


Catching up with friends? Why don't you suggest a spin class first? 6pm at psycle and then a nice meal afterwards.  You will all feel great!
Think multi-tasker and you will be sure to make your life more efficient. Join our community and find support from people who share great experiences.

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