Until midnight on Monday 27th November, we are offering you the biggest discount EVER provided by OYNB – a whopping 50% off all of our AF challenges! There has never been a better time to sign up and escape the alcohol-fuelled party season that always seems to be a race of endurance, that ends with your liver aching on December 25th.

We are extremely pleased to offer you this fantastic deal, but hurry, this will only last until the end of Monday, so get your skates on!

The ONYB team have really got in the swing of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bonanza, the most commercial of all retail days. It made me think of those with retail/shopping addictions that drive people to fight in the aisles of our department stores to get an extra 20% off the recommended retail price. We all love a bargain, but just like the way that alcohol grabs hold of you over time, bargain hunting has led some to more serious and toxic habits, such as a compulsion to shop when you don’t have the means.

They say the best way to challenge any addiction or unhealthy habit is to replace it with another. I grant you that this doesn’t sound like a healthy way to do anything. It also explains why some addicts become addicted to stronger and more dangerous substances. But, this ideology has a great deal of merit and is proven to work when done properly. This has been our ethos throughout. Now our repetitive focus on physical and mental wellbeing starts to make sense. All along we have been encouraging our members to replace the idle time once spent drinking in dingy pubs and neon-lit bars with the exercise in the great outdoors, or training the mind to become a sharper and more astute…

Don’t panic, we are not announcing One Year No Shops, our objective will remain pure, to change the world’s relationship with alcohol. However, there are many forms and levels of addiction. As we deal with our own daily struggle, I want you to spare a thought for those with other forms of addiction, even if these seem trivial to you, they are very personal and toxic to those afflicted.

In the meantime – at least our Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal will not break the bank. But hurry, time is ticking on this deal, you have until midnight on Monday.

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