When we tell you there are so many benefits to going alcohol-free, we’re not kidding!

We asked our members about the benefits they experienced as a result of taking a break from drinking—and they did not hold back. So we decided to share all their responses with you. 

Whether you’re already on your alcohol-free challenge and have started to feel the positives, or you’re curious about going AF to experience these incredible results for yourself, we hope this inspires and encourages you!

So here goes: 137 reasons to start or continue your alcohol-free journey.

No alcohol means…

  • I don’t wake up in random situations any more, in the same clothes I was in the night before
  • I don’t need to worry about drink-breath!
  • I don’t feel guilty all the time any more
  • I don’t make silly choices any more
  • I don’t find any more random bruises
  • I don’t experience inconvenient flashbacks mid-afternoon
  • I don’t have a mental battle with myself every evening any more
  • I don’t have to beat myself up for failing to only ‘have one’
  • I don’t put myself in dangerous situations any more
  • I feel safer, I don’t have so many accidents
  • I’ve avoided sending any embarrassing texts to my entire contacts list
  • I am not embarrassed by my stained red lips any more!
  • I can jump in the car any time
  • I can read a book and actually remember the line before!
  • I remember watching films now
  • I remember what I did the right before

I am healthy

  • My blood pressure dropped.
  • My blood sugar has levelled out
  • My resting heart rate has improved
  • My digestion has improved
  • My immune system has improved
  • I’m relieved to know I’m reducing my chances of developing health issues
  • I have reduced my chances of cancer
  • I find it easier to eat well
  • I lost weight!healthy lifestyle
  • I feel as though my skin is glowing
  • My face is less puffy
  • My teeth and gums are healthier
  • My hair is healthier
  • My bloating has gone
  • I don’t need sleeping aids anymore
  • I get great sleep!
  • I look less tired
  • My sex life has improved
  • I know I’m doing the best thing for my health, for the best chance of falling pregnant
  • My menopausal symptoms have improved
  • I look and feel younger—even other people have said so!
  • I look ten years younger, without any expensive creams!
  • I am not ageing my body unnecessarily
  • I like how I look now
  • My skin is much clearer
  • I am more physically fit
  • I have fewer aches and pains

I have more time

  • I have freed up so much more time
  • I waste less time
  • I have more time to read
  • I spend less time on my phone
  • I spend less time in the bathroom
  • My weekend feels so much longer and more restful

I have better relationships

  • I am ready and available if my children need me
  • I am a better role model for my kids
  • I can show my children they have the choice to not drink if they choose
  • I have repaired my relationship with my kids
  • I know I’m a better parent
  • I don’t nag my family as much
  • My relationship with my partner has improved
  • I seem to get along better with the people around me
  • I can see the positive impact my decision has made on those around me
  • I have made some amazing friends through OYNB
  • My friends can see improvements in me
  • I am a better friend
  • I have more clarity about toxic relationships
  • I truly listen in conversations now
  • I think I am a kinder person
  • I am more honest

I feel better about myself

  • I like the person I have become
  • I have genuine self-confidence
  • I know now that I can be better
  • I have an improved perception of my self-worth
  • I have learned so much about myself and what I’m capable ofI feel happy
  • I have discovered my true self
  • I feel like the best version of myself
  • I feel like I can look at myself in the mirror again
  • I don’t feel like a cardboard cut-out of a person any more
  • I have learned to love and accept myself
  • I make time for self-care
  • I feel so proud of myself
  • I have control
  • I have become more daring
  • I have a better relationship with myself
  • I don’t slip back into bad habits
  • I am more likely to choose to do the things that make me stronger rather than the things that make me weaker

I have better mental health

  • I feel free
  • I feel so much more content
  • I feel happier
  • I laugh so much more!
  • I feel so much joy knowing I don’t need alcohol
  • I feel optimistic about the future
  • I can be excited about tomorrow rather than worrying about the night before
  • I feel curiosity again
  • I am better at facing challenges
  • My emotions are more stable
  • I have a sense of inner calm
  • I have more patience
  • I have more resilience
  • I can better handle life’s ups and downs
  • I don’t feel stuck with the voice in my head any more
  • I have no regrets
  • My mental health has improved
  • I have been able to deal with past trauma
  • I don’t feel so anxious any more, and I don’t rely on alcohol to cope if I do feel anxious
  • I haven’t experienced any hangxiety
  • I worry less
  • I am less angry
  • I have nicer dreams
  • I start every day on the right foot
  • My perception of alcohol has totally changed

I am more motivated

  • I feel alive
  • I have energy again
  • I love mornings nowgoal setting
  • I find exercising so much easier
  • I never miss a workout any more!
  • I started running!
  • I can be more consistent with my goals
  • I feel more capable of achieving my goals and performing at my peak
  • I am more productive—I’ve been able to write a book
  • I have the strength and focus to put into my hobbies
  • I am more creative
  • I realised it’s never too late to make a change

I am more clear-headed

  • I have more focus and ability to concentrate
  • I have a clearer head
  • The brain fog has disappeared
  • My mind is clear to make important decisions
  • I have reprioritised the important things in my life

I have more money

  • I’ve saved money, maybe even made more money!
  • I have less glass recycling
  • Dinners out are less expensive
  • I have better cash flow
  • My bank balance has stabilised
  • My business is booming

I have a better life

  • I am living in the moment
  • I am living my life more authentically
  • I feel as though I have my life back
  • I have more flexibility to take my life in new directions
  • I am experiencing so much more of my life
  • I feel like I have more life to live, not just in years but by making the most of each day
  • I am living the life I have always wanted.


Take the challenge and start your own list of reasons to be alcohol-free!



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