The Beauty of Sobriety | OYNB Podcast 007

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 7 – with Lucy Rocca

Death by alcohol is a real thing. And a brush with this fact of life completely turned things around for our featured guest in this episode. She asserts, “The worst thing that ever happened to me was drinking alcohol.”

In this 7th installment of our podcast, One Year No Beer Co-Founder Ruari Fairbairns talks to Lucy Rocca. Lucy is the founder of the phenomenon that is the Soberistas, a movement which has built an incredibly supportive, non-judgemental community helping many people conquer long-term alcohol dependencies. She has written five best-selling books and regularly inspires people to take up alcohol free living.

The ‘Magic Potion’

Listen as Lucy recounts how she started drinking at the young age of 13. She had thought, accordingly, that alcohol was like a magic potion that made her feel attractive, made her ‘fit in’, and made things seem so much more fun. She was so seduced she embraced a hedonistic lifestyle basking in alcohol throughout her twenties. She confesses, “I wasn’t ever drinking for the taste, or to get a little bit tipsy. I was drinking to get drunk.”

Lucy was divorced and a single parent in her late twenties. Alcohol became a ‘self-medication’ for her. And she relates, in this episode, how she carried on with the routine of frequenting bars, muddling through the week and living for the weekend, until she was 35.

Wake Up Call

It was that fateful night in April 2011 when Lucy’s life was changed forever. She remembers how she was drinking alone, being very depressed, and downing 3 bottles of wine and a litter of strong cider. She eventually collapsed on a pavement outside of her house, and woke up in a hospital. She thought she could’ve died, and she never drank alcohol again after that.


Drawing from her own experiences as a heavy drinker (for twenty
years) who did not find any support in quitting drinking, Lucy created
Soberistas. She discusses in this podcast how she saw the need for an ‘online space where people could be completely anonymous andstitcher_button
honest about their drinking.’ The movement started with a blog. And
it was such a sensation it initially attracted at least 20,000 people to sign up. It has been featured in
Australian Vogue, Canadian Elle, Red Magazine, and several popular TV programs.

Beautiful redemption

Lucy muses, in retrospect, how she became fitter, healthier, more productive and creative, a better mom, a nicer friend, and how she now has more money, being alcohol free:

“I feel the best I ever felt (and I’m nearly 41) and I look the best I ever looked . . . The single act of stopping drinking has completely changed my life.”


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