Back to Basics with Social Fit | OYNB Podcast 074

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 074 – Back to Basics with Social Fit with Grant Flynn

In today’s episode, One Year No Beer’s Jen Fairbairns is joined by Grant Flynn of Social Fit Edinburgh. Social Fit is a free group that’s giving back to the community by encouraging fitness through mini and mega missions, meet and eats, and buena vida sessions that are open to all who are interested. 

In today’s interview, Grant discusses his background and interest in fitness and related activities, and he also shares some of the background on how Social Fit Edinburgh got started. Grant explains that in the beginning, the group was just three individuals jogging – the larger social aspect and variety of activities came later.

“We’ve got what we’ve got, and often what we’ve got is enough.”

Grant and Jen discuss how people find Social Fit and the role that social media plays in getting their message out to the public. They talk about wanting more people to feel included and about the inclusivity goals that are core to Social Fit’s mission. Grant also shares his thoughts on how to get people into fitness activities when they feel those activities are out of their comfort zone, and what words of encouragement he would use for someone who wanted to get involved but didn’t know where to start. 

Listen to the episode to learn more about Social Fit Edinburgh, including what kind of feedback Grant is getting on the project, what different types of people are getting involved in the experience, and what Grant’s plans are for the future of Social Fit. Grant and Jen also talk about how Social Fit Edinburgh supports sobriety and about getting Social Fit members together with OYNB members for a group walk.


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