I don’t have a relationship with alcohol anymore it doesn’t fit my lifestyle.

I chose to sign up for the free 28-day alcohol-free challenge OYNB was offering at the start of the lockdown to help out those who were finding lockdown difficult and to try to curb the devastating effects alcohol can have on health. I knew that alcohol wasn’t good for me and had even completed a 90-day challenge before a couple of years ago.

Before I started OYNB

I was a typical weekend wine drinker. The problem, however, was that I was always tired come Monday morning. Throughout the challenge I learned this was because alcohol does not help you de-stress, it actually messes with your sleep and disturbs the chemical balance in your brain. OYNB not only motivates you to stay AF, it gives you the facts about alcohol to allow you to confidently make your own decision.

My experience of going alcohol-free

At first, I was only planning to complete the free 28-day challenge. However, when I started to learn and see the benefits of being AF I decided to sign up for the year. A goal that I never thought I would be able to achieve. I got a new notebook determined to take notes and learn from all the daily video’s. I was so happy to write day 365 in the book. This was a strategy I found really worked for me and allowed space and time for me to take in the knowledge from the videos and action them (there really is a lot of great knowledge).

The support

Hayley alcohol-freeThe daily videos and information that you are given by OYNB goes well beyond an AF challenge. The give you guidance on great changes and tweaks you can make across your life. This includes goal setting, mediation, gratitude lists, diet and exercise advice and the science behind it. Allowing you to become a happier healthy version of yourself. I really liked setting goals and was able to plan ways to achieve them. Just as I signed up to OYNB (10 days before) I accepted a job in Thailand, so during my AF challenge I moved to Thailand during the middle of a pandemic.

The benefits

For me there being so many benefits. No more weekend hangovers. I sleep better. I have more energy; better hair and I am more mindful. Yes, some days are more challenging than others – I will have days where I am motivated to eat well and exercise and others where I just want pizza but being alcohol-free doesn’t mean being perfect. It just means making improvements and I have found it definitely improves my life. 

OYNB helped by giving such great information and allowing me to make my own decisions about alcohol. You have been given all the tools and information you need to succeed. The daily videos are great and you have access to a community who will celebrate your wins and are always there to reach out to if you need support.

I don’t have a relationship with alcohol anymore it doesn’t fit my lifestyle.


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