I found OYNB on Facebook one Saturday night after I'd had a few wines. I signed up and I haven't looked back!

I was a regular drinker, using wine to relax in the evenings and drinking more at the weekends. Dry rosé was my favourite tipple topped up with vodka & lemonade or red bull if I was feeling particularly tired. There was no single trigger to lead me to OYNB. It was basically a culmination of many years of drinking socially and at home led me to want to experience life without it. I'd done Sober October many times, but was always looking towards the day I could drink again basically undoing a whole month of hard work usually over one weekend. I needed to try for longer.


OYNB has TOTALLY taken me by surprise.

I didn't expect to be this far down the line so easily having signed up for 90 days with no view initially to continuing further. The Facebook group has and still is invaluable. To connect to so many people on the same journey across the world is just brilliant and to this day I've yet to see one negative comment posted in the group. It's supportive, friendly, funny and so helpful. I haven't reset once since I started, zero blips and no real desire to drink.


I've achieved so much since I started my journey with OYNB.

I've started running, joined a new gym, have completed 3 x 10km road races, have climbed the UK’s 3 highest mountains and got involved with Park Run which on occasion my children join me on. My face shape has changed and I've lost inches all over. Not so much weight but the dreaded wine belly bloat that seems to hit in your mid 40s! My skin is 1000 times better, energy levels are though the roof and productivity at home and work is vastly improved. My relationships with my family have improved immeasurably and I'm doing more with them than ever before instead of looking forward to wine o clock. As for the sleep – I've never experienced sleep like it! Unbroken bliss.


OYNB helped me to succeed by connecting me with a group of like minded people all on the same journey.

The book and emails are great for the first 28 days or so – but as I get further on in my journey I use them less and less. There are zero negatives for me on this journey – only positives. I'm bored with people questioning my motives, wanting to know how much I drank, when am I going to start drinking again… this is my life, my family and my journey. If I wanted a drink I'd have one. But I don't – and that's thanks to OYNB – and me having the strength to do this. It's been an absolute revelation… here's to 365!


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