As I cross the finish line in this 365-day journey, I stop and bow my head as an ode to Andy’s and Ruari’s leadership and dedication that has inspired so many to achieve their AF goals. There is an ocean of programmes out there but none of them have the power and impact that OYNB has. I wish I could reach out to a group hug to the OYNB community because I could not have done it without them!

You are all heroes and remarkable people, each and every one of you! You dedicate your time to helping people and being there for the group. You listen and offer advice and a helping hand, and to me, this is the most positive and engaging group in the universe. Say what you want about the negativity on the internet and all the hate, but there is nothing but love in the OYNB group.

I would like to say this to Andy, Ruari and the entire OYNB team – you can be proud of the amazing platform you have created. I would also like to thank my accountability partner Louise Vickers, a remarkable woman, who I hopefully can call friend by now. I am eternally grateful to my wife Kristen and my sons, Lukas and Nico who believe in me and who have been there on my side and cheering for me.
What is next? I am not sure, but I would love to continue being part of this group and help others to reach this milestone. Thank you!


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