Before I joined OYNB, I moved to Myanmar to work as the Head of Finance and Administration for the World Food Programme I got pulled into the expat life. The only exercise I would get would be lifting wine glasses. I would try to relax in the evenings by drinking away the stresses that come hand in hand with the complex environment of humanitarian work. I was obese weighing 112 kg, my blood pressure was in an alarming range and my marriage was hanging on a thread.

Everything was spiralling downwards.

I learned about OYNB through a friend online and was desperate to make a change in my life for the better.
The first video from Ruari on the OYNB website made be curious. There was a sense of honesty and energy in his message that made me want to continue. For the first 4 weeks after signing up, I listened to Andy’s daily videos and watch them with disbelief. It was like watching a science fiction movie. Looks good, sounds good but how the hell I am gonna do this. Like so many other programmes, I watched them from a distance. My body and mind were fighting this drastic concept of change but Andy was helping me to fight back.

After a few weeks, however something magical happened.

My mind started to change. My beliefs started to evolve, and the desire slowly developed (like a fragile little plant) to do something about my life in a positive way. With every successful day done and dusted, my AF ego became stronger and eventually took over and ran the show. Without the daily lull of the wine, my mind was wide awake. I was more capable of proper relaxation and rest. Andy kept casting his magical spell in his daily messages. These messages are great. Short, to the point and speak to the heart, calling for change. Andy’s voice has been amplified by the hundreds in the OYNB community. This was where I could see the OYNB concepts applied in the real world and I learned from these great people and their journeys.

My OYNB journey has been life changing.

I have lost 35kg, have an active life with regular exercise and proper nutrition plus I engage in daily mindfulness meditation. I continue to grow as a human being and expand on my potential.

It has been one of the best years of my life. Great friendships, higher quality of life and I now have a sense of energy I have not felt in many years. There have been ups and downs, but ultimately it has been a wonderful journey. I have been able to create many positive habits. I have discovered so much potential for my own growth – more than the day has hours. This allows me to choose new areas of myself to focus on, to build variety into my day without the risk of getting into a boring and stagnant routine. I was able to find a purpose in life, combining my passion for my profession (World Food Programme) with the ability to explore new frontiers (becoming a tea and water sommelier).

I am now focusing on simplifying my life. Automating these new processes and taking the time relax, as life can be overwhelming sometimes! (For those who look for simpler lives, I can highly recommend the quarterly Simplify magazine).

Thank you OYNB!


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