When I first attempted to quit the drink, I found that there was nothing available to help someone like me. Someone who was bored of the booze and desperately wanted to find ways to stop drinking without being labeled.


The well-meaning websites and questionnaires all suggested that perhaps I was an alcoholic, when I knew this was not the case. Yet at the same time, I found it so difficult to stop. This confused me for a long time, almost to the point that I wanted to label myself.  


But as luck would have it I ended up on gardening leave from work, which provided me with 9 months of paradise. It was during this time that I stopped drinking revealing the truth. I did not have any sort of physical dependence, which I knew deep down all along.  It was the social pressure of my working environment that kept me drinking. I had build a career around drink. I had a reputation to uphold as a big drinking fun guy. As soon as this image was threatened I crumbled and had a drink.


I consider myself very lucky, that I got the break I needed to expose the real cause of my habits. This was the motivator behind the OneYearNoBeer challenge. We want to create an excuse to release this social pressure so that people could test this link in full view of friends and family stigma free. So if you are ‘not’ an alcoholic but frustrated that you are finding drinking hard to stop. Try the OneYearNoBeer challenge and prove to yourself that you have control, full control.


At OYNB we welcome you with open arms, sign up now, pick a start date of your choice or select a date that feels comfortable. The choice as always will be yours, the most important thing is to sign up now for free and make that first step.


Please note:

For all those unfortunate people who have developed a strong dependence for alcohol, we would urge you to seek professional help. OneYearNoBeer is a change platform that will help everyone to make this amazing positive change in their lives. But we can’t state this enough: If you feel that you have lost all control please seek the wonderful professional help that is available.
Good luck on your adventures!

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