OYNB is the best. I would not hesitate to recommend OYNB to anyone and everyone!!

I joined OYNB 2 years ago after an especially heavy Sunday afternoon out with friends that went on well into Sunday evening. You know the afternoon I mean. The anticipation of going out is almost as good as actually going out. I was out with girlfriends, I was having an amazing time, I was making new friends, I loved being centre of attention.

Fast forward to the next day

I didn’t remember most of the day before, I hadn’t made new friends at all. I had just foisted myself upon people in a loud obnoxious way when all they wanted was a quiet Sunday afternoon drink. I was embarrassed, I had to check I hadn’t sent silly texts and worst of all was my hangover.

A friend had mentioned OYNB a few weeks previously and I had seen several adverts showing how people had changed their lives by simply not drinking.

Could I do this?

I signed up for the 28-day challenge. I must explain that I wasn’t a daily drinker but a weekend drinker whose weekends started on a Thursday night and finished on a Sunday afternoon. While I completed the 28 days and thoroughly enjoyed it, I went straight back to my old ways. I then did 70, 90 and many more alcohol-free stints but I always seemed to revert back once I had finished.

This time something has changed

Julie after her challengeI am currently on day 80 and I seem to have had a mind shift. I don’t want to drink. What have I done differently? Well I have read every single email from the OYNB team. I have joined in with the group more. I have taken on board every single piece of advice given to me through the OYNB Facebook members and I have read all the quit lit. I booked myself a challenge, as suggested, which was a 3-hour paddle board lesson. I loved it, so much so that I bought a paddle board with the money I have saved from not drinking. I couldn’t have done this without OYNB so thank you.

In the last 80 days…

I have got up early to watch the sunrise. I got up extremely early to do a charity run. I have learned how to paddle board, I have spent special and enjoyable time with my children and husband. I have got more out of my exercise, I am sleeping better, my skin looks much healthier, I have lost half a stone, I have made friends through OYNB and my confidence is much better.

In the last 80 days I have not missed waking up at 3am with a hammering heart, blacking out, being sick, feeling ashamed and embarrassed. I haven’t had a panic attack; I haven’t rung in sick at work and I haven’t fallen out with anyone because of my obnoxious attitude when drunk.

What's next?

I hope to carry on with this journey to 365 days alcohol-free. I am looking forward to AF holidays and not seeing my anxiety return. I don’t want to go down the slippery booze filled slope again.

OYNB is the best. I would not hesitate to recommend OYNB to anyone and everyone!! I know that if I was struggling someone would be there to help me whether that be the team via email of the group on FB. Thank you all.


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