I hung on every word of those ahead of me and took advice from those whom paved the way before me.

Looking back now, I realise I have always had a tricky relationship with alcohol. Although it varied in intensity over the years, it has always been present in my life since I was a teenager.

Before OYNB

What started out as seemingly innocent teenage fun, led to filling wine bottles with water and putting them back on the wine rack to hide how quickly I could drink a case each week. I was rotating liquor stores so the store attendants wouldn’t know how much I was drinking. When I started working from home, opening a bottle at 11AM became a daily habit.

That was 2016. It would take another 3 years to finally realise I needed to make a serious change. It was as if I was waiting for something tragic to happen or something to force me out of the ever-revolving door. I would sometimes envision walking in my house to a surprise intervention with friends and family gathered around, looking up at me with sadness and worry on their faces. After the intervention I would be swooped away to a rehabilitation centre and I would be saved from myself.

The problem with that was I was extremely high functioning. I was successful in business, married to a wonderful man, and had a beautiful home. I was “in control” of my life. Superficially, I had my life together. So, this went on for quite some time and no one knew how bad my problem had actually gotten over the years.

Time to make a change

alcohol-free beer

Then one day, I finally came to the realisation that if I was going to make a change, it would have to be done all on my own with 100% of my own willpower. When a Facebook ad for OYNB showed up in my newsfeed it was a sign for me. I would spend the next several hours reading other people’s stories and researching the company. Two days later I signed up for the 90-day challenge. I had no idea what to expect or what life would look like without alcohol, I was just trying to stay sober for the next 24 hours.

My experience of the OYNB Alcohol-Free Challenge

I had struggled (silently) for so long that once I committed to the challenge, I was all in. I did everything that was suggested. I read the daily emails and followed all the recommendations. I got highly involved in the slack community and eventually the Facebook group. I hung on every word of those ahead of me and took advice from those whom paved the way before me. The success I experienced led me right into the next goal, the 365-day challenge.

The alcohol-free benefits

I have been alcohol-free from the first day I joined the OYNB community on July 27, 2019. Because of this, all aspects of my life have improved; health, weight loss, and financial gains. I am present and available for those that need me, I have learned to make myself a priority, and my marriage is stronger than ever. One Year No Beer and the support and encouragement from the members of this group have had a profound impact on me and have quite literally saved my life.

I would highly recommend this group to anyone who thinks they might need to readdress their relationship with alcohol. If you’re unsure, try the 28 or 90-day challenge or reach out and ask questions. You will find that you are not alone, and you can be surrounded by a community of people all searching for the same answers.


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