To know they are proud of the changes I’ve made is the best feeling in the world.

I woke up on the morning of June 28th, 2020 to a video my son, Matthew, had sent me. I had been drunk to the point of blacking out the night before, which had been becoming more and more of a common thing. I decided then and there, I had to change my life. I had been seeing ads on Facebook for OYNB for a few weeks prior to that event and decided to take the 5 day free challenge. I loved what was put forth, and from there signed up for the 90 days.

Right from the start

I knew this program would change my life. The daily emails, the resources available on the website, the live coaching sessions, and the Facebook community made sense to me, when nothing else did. I started with the 90 day challenge, knowing that 28 days would not be sufficient to change my relationship with alcohol.

The Facebook community was the greatest surprise of all, never in my life have I met a group of people who I felt so at home with, even though some thousands of miles away! At 60 days, I signed up for the 365 – I couldn’t imagine my life without OYNB being a part of it.

After about a week

I started noticing physical changes – my stomach wasn’t hurting, my hands had stopped shaking, my dark circles started to disappear. As time progressed, my mental state also improved… I truly wanted to live life better! Most of all my relationship with my kids has improved 10-fold, which has been the greatest blessing. To know they are proud of the changes I’ve made is the best feeling in the world.

As I stated previously, everything about OYNB made sense to me – from figuring out the reasons why I wanted to challenge myself to do things differently, to learning about what really makes me who I am. The support and friendship I received from the Facebook group blew me away, I wanted to succeed for them as well as myself! I was asked to be a part of the Connect group as it got started, what an honor that was and continues to be! Today I make it a daily ritual to offer support to those who may need it and celebrate the victories of my tribe.

What is my relationship with alcohol like now? 

Non-existent!! I can’t imagine ever drinking again – it serves no purpose for me now! I would definitely recommend OYNB to anyone seeking to change their relationship with alcohol. It literally saved my life!!


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