Since High School I was the life of the party! First to get to the party and the last to leave.

Always drinking more, laughing louder, going bigger and never discovering my ‘off switch’. This behaviour never really stopped, continuing throughout my adulthood, only pausing to squeeze in some ‘adulting’. I suddenly found myself in my 50’s. How in the heck did that happen! I had almost everything in the world that my heart could desire: an amazingly supportive husband, a good career and a comfortable life… Yet I drank. Daily. 

I soon realised that I was drinking to numb the pain of the past. We all have stories, we have all struggled with the sometimes tough life realities. I drank to numb, I drank to shut up the negative self-talk and I drank to escape! I tried quitting multiple times. Making deals with myself. Nothing worked! Wine was my favourite. I could have built a vacation home with the empty wine boxes that seemed to be produced each week in my house. I found myself more concerned with what the garbage man would think of me than how this drinking was affecting my life and my health. I didn't realise how sick I was until I stopped drinking. I was plagued with illness and anxiety all the time, but it had become my normal. 

Signing up to 90-Days

I am not sure what led me to sign up for OYNB. The old saying of “sick and tired of being sick and tired” comes to mind. I was fat, bloated, miserable and killing time between drinking episodes. I did the math once, I was literally drinking between 5pm and 11pm each day. Every day. 42 hours a WEEK!! Working full time and caring for my husband, house and small farm. 

better at horse riding after quitting alcoholFast forward 5 months. I have lost oodles of bloaty weight and my health has improved dramatically. No longer on ANY blood pressure medication and my alcohol related ailments are GONE. I have run multiple 5K races and one 1/2 marathon. I just completed an obstacle course race and have plans for 2 more. I am also excelling at my equestrian sport and will be heading to Nationals in a couple of months. I have even made time to volunteer to give back to my community. My relationship with my husband is amazing! I am a better wife, mum, friend and general human being. 

Life is so much better

It was tough at first. You have to allow your body to heal, but you do learn to deal with the emotions that are being drowned out by alcohol. It is an adjustment for sure. But life is SOOOOOO amazing without alcohol! You can laugh, dance, have fun and get up early the next day and do it all over again, without a hangover! OYNB worked for me and I was pretty hard-core. Having a Tribe and a community has made all the difference! You are NOT alone and yes, YOU CAN DO THIS!! Life is worth LIVING not just surviving from day-to-day. Make that first step! You will NEVER have to be alone on this journey. YOU CAN DO THIS. And it is SO worth it.


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