I learned a lot more than tips for giving up drinking through OYNB

I had done Dry January before but this time it felt different. I was exhausted by the constant struggle of trying to make alcohol ‘work’. It knew it was getting in the way of me living my life to the full. 

Finding OYNB

I was inspired to make the decision to stop after following OYNB on social media for a while. I was shocked when I realised how much drinking had been impacting my mental health and causing a lot of my day to day anxiety. After I made the single decision to stop, I knew I was going to stick to it, but I never imagined that 28 days, then 90 days would turn into 4 years alcohol-free.

The alcohol-free advantage

The clarity that followed from removing alcohol helped me to see how my life could be different; the extra time and energy contributed to me bringing my dreams to reality. The willingness to look at my own patterns and behaviour and see the ways I was contributing to my own problems was an eye opener.

The greatest thing I learnt through all of this self-discovery that followed quitting drinking, was that self-compassion is the key to making long term change. Prioritising my wellness through movement, eating well and taking care of my mental health has become second nature rather than my wellness being an afterthought or thinking that alcohol was the answer to every difficult emotion. As a working mum of a toddler I couldn’t imagine trying to fit drinking and hangovers into my days and still show up in the way I want to for myself and my family.

What's next?

I've made some lifelong friends from around the world. I learned a lot more than tips for giving up drinking through OYNB and these learnings kickstarted my continuing personal development.


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