“There have been so many positives to this journey; mental clarity, focus and revitalised self care”

For the past 5 years I’ve been living and working in London, having moved away from a small town in Australia before that. While I thought things were going alright, convincing myself great at times, I unable to my achieve goals and would jump to have a negative outlook. While work can always be busy, it was getting to me more and more. With that increased my drinking. I’d have a few drinks at work, after work, at football and events. My weeks would probably have about 40-60+ units per week. 

My old routine

Alcohol had slipped into THE way I enjoyed myself, seeking out new craft beers as an excuse to hide the fact that I just wanted a drink – this was taking up more and more of my time. I felt terrible. I didn’t want to exercise (though I knew how good it was for me), so I was overweight, obese actually – although no one thought I was – ‘your just a bigger guy’. My dating and social life was non consistent because I preferred to be alone. I just felt like a failure with no hope in sight, I was unhappy. I think me choosing the OYNB challenge was a way to tell myself I’d had enough, enough of not having the life I don’t want. I deserve better! 

I’d tried to go alcohol-free before

man after stopping drinkingI made it about 5/6 weeks before I thought I’d be able to moderate. I really don’t think I can. I decided to try the OYNB 90-Day Challenge and felt so much relief, focus and energy just from making that simple decision. I’m back playing 5 a side and training 3-5 times a week. I am more organised, I plan my meals and I am consistent with Romwod (yoga). I actually have time and space to think about what I really want out of life and go after it. I bought plants for my flat – it is little things like this that are huge. I’m really creating the life I want. I even went on holiday to Lisbon with friends (who I used to drink heavily with) and I had just as much fun doing it alcohol-free. 

Positive changes

Some of the amazing benefits I have experienced during my challenge so far; Weight loss – I have lost 13kg/28.5lbs/2 stone, I had to buy new clothes. I’ve read a full book for the first time since who knows. I have felt consistency happy and able to train for my half marathon. I haven’t bit my fingernails in over a month (always a bad habit of mine before now). I love and respect myself so much more. 

I found the daily emails really useful to keep me motivated and the group is fantastic as it is great to have people to relate to. There are many people that inspire me in that group. There have been so many positives to this journey; mental clarity, focus and revitalised self care. It has a huge impact on my day to day life. While things aren’t perfect and I have a long way to go, I know I’m on the right path to live my best life! 


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