I am completely in control of my life and the choices I make!

Life before OYNB was a very dark place that seemed to lack all hope. I was struggling a lot being a student and handling a toxic relationship with alcohol, it was everywhere I looked. I would say that over the six months before I took the challenge, drinking was a daily thing. I would hide it from my loved ones because I knew that it wasn’t normal, but I couldn’t control it.

The turning point

I just remember waking up one morning with the worst hangover after having a very bad night and just deciding that I couldn’t do it anymore. My sister told me about OYNB and encouraged me to try it, she even paid for my membership to the challenge.

I didn't feel incredibly optimistic when I first started the challenge. I remember wondering how someone my age could ever give up alcohol. But the days passed, it slowly became more of a realistic achievement. I didn’t know what would happen after the 90 days but being part of the Facebook group is a great way to keep accountable and have a constant reminder of what you are doing.

The OYNB support

Tariq's alcohol-free journeyThe community is the most amazing thing about taking the OYNB challenge, I genuinely feel so supported by the people I have come to know through being part of the Facebook group. It is such a safe and happy place for like-minded people which is incredible! I cannot rave enough about it, the people who share their stories, support one another, seek advice and anything you could imagine! I don’t think I could’ve stayed AF without it.

One thing I found very helpful at the beginning of the challenge was the daily emails. Seeing the days pass and your number increasing was really rewarding! Also, the daily videos were very helpful and the OYNB team provide the most amazing tips, advice and life lessons.

The alcohol-free lessons and benefits

I think the biggest thing that I have learned throughout my challenge is how strong I really am. I never thought that I could go back to university and stay sober, but I am and it has been the most incredible journey so far. I am completely in control of my life and the choices I make!

The benefits that I’ve experienced are endless. My mental health has been far better than it used to be clouded my alcohol. I have improved sleep, better skin, more of an appetite, greater productivity in my degree and the list goes on.

I also have a far better relationship with my friends and family as my drinking habits affected them as much as it did me. They are all very proud and supportive of what I have chosen to do and I feel very lucky.

What's next?

My relationship with alcohol is completely transformed. I do not miss the grip that it held on my life at all. I can be sober and be happy and have far more fun without it!

I feel perfectly comfortable being around drinkers, I can sit and think about why I do not drink and how powerful I am and that helps me stay on track!

I don’t think that I could recommend OYNB enough. It is a brilliant concept and can literally change your life!


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