I was surprised that if I replaced my routine of making a G&T with making a tasty cup of herbal tea, I still got the relaxing ritual without the hangover

As a real estate broker there is always a reason to drink. You win a negotiation, you drink. You lose a negotiation, you drink. You close a home, you drink. Whether it was a good day or a bad day, I could always find a reason to drink. I was never a black out binge drinker, but I did find myself drinking 2-3 drinks a night and on weekends even more. And during quarantine it got even worse.

A previous attempt

In 2019 I signed up for a Sober October. At the end of the month, I felt amazing. My mind was clear, my body felt better than ever, and I was more focused. Then December rolled around, and I went straight back into my old ways of drinking.

Finding OYNB

In March of 2020 I was in a really bad place. I was nervous about pandemic and my business and found myself gravitating to the drink more and more each day. That’s when I saw an ad on Facebook for OYNB. A week later I signed up and haven’t looked back sense. I’m 195 alcohol-free and planning to go the full year.

I wanted to take a break from alcohol to stop my habitual rhythm of pouring a drink when I got home. I was surprised by the number of times I felt the need to drink. I’ve come to find that drinking is more about a ritual of perceived relaxation rather than anything else. I was surprised that if I replaced my routine of making a G&T with making a tasty cup of herbal tea, I still got the relaxing ritual without the hangover.

I have experienced so many amazing outcomes as a result of my challenge, including:

  • I have way more energy
  • I have a clear mind which means I can be more decisive – I am also able to focus on the most important tasks.
  • I’m less anxious and not as worried about the future.
  • I sleep better! I’m waking up easily and early (5am) with no hangover.
  • I have a morning routine of reading, working out, journaling, meditating and praying all before the kids wake up. This has given me “me time” while not interfering with family time.
  • I eat healthier.
  • My business is better than ever before, and I’ve saved hundreds of dollars that would’ve gone to alcohol.
  • I’m emotionally more stable as I’ve learned to observe my emotions rather than let them rule me.
  • My body is healthier and fitter! I’m down two pant sizes!
  • Recovery happens faster. Just a week ago I had an emergency appendectomy and have recovered to almost 80%.
  • My skin looks 10 years younger!
  • I have discovered alcohol-free drinks that I like just as much, Athletic Brewing is the best AF beer ever! Seriously the IPA is insane!

The key to my success

Having this group to take the challenge with is crucial! If you choose to take a break from drinking, stick with it. Check in. Share when you're having a hard day. You are not alone. It is liberating to realise that one cares if you’re not drinking at the bar. I know you think they do, but they don't. Let go of that belief and be free.

The daily emails and Facebook community are so helpful. In the moments when you’re struggling it helps to know there are thousands of others out there just like you striving to live an impactful alcohol-free life who are cheering you on.

What's next?

I have no intention of going back to drinking. I still enjoy making an alcohol-free cocktail from time to time but have no desire to wake up hungover ever again.

I already have recommended OYNB to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so for years to come!


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