Growing up with an alcoholic father, I knew exactly where I didn’t my life to be heading. I was the drinker that used the phrase, “it’s for relaxation”, never drank out of sadness or out of anger, I just loved to drink and did it almost everyday. The thoughts of drinking occupied my mind on a daily basis.

Before OYNB

The first thing I’d do when I’d get home was make a cocktail. That one could turn into 2, sometimes even 3. It was a given that I would drink at the weekends. Some were crazier than others, but many times I’d blackout and not remember conversations or what time I landed in bed. I remember some of those moments shamefully, just thinking about what my kids had witnessed. I’d wake in the night and tell myself I was done! That was it! I’d be disgusted with myself and sometimes cry myself back to sleep. But then morning would come, I’d go workout then work, walk in the door in the evening and a cocktail would be in my hands in a matter if minutes. Like I had never had that talk with my myself.

Then the wake up call came knocking…

I had my blood work done and was told my blood pressure was high. How could this be? I was so angry because I’ve always been active. I attend CrossFit 4 to 5 days a week, teach dance and aerial silks, eat somewhat clean and I don't smoke. I WAS IN DENIAL!

I saw OYNB pop up on Facebook one day and I started secretly watching for it for over a month. I kept reading the different stories and relating to so many. Then it finally hit me… I need to do this! So I signed up. It was a moment of tears as I hit that button. I had just admitted to myself, that I had been drinking too much, too often. It was a huge moment.

I’m now on day 50 and feeling fantastic!

I’m already off one medication for my blood pressure and I’ve watched my metabolism shift, which has led to a few lbs of weight loss. Now I’m focusing on gaining some lean muscle mass. It’s always been a goal of mine, but the alcohol would always get in the way. Not any more.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and love of the OYNB tribe. It’s mind blowing and humbling to know, that even though we all come from various parts of the world and different backgrounds, we’re all taking on the same challenges.

Going AF for life…and not turning back! Without OYNB, I would’ve never known what a alcohol-free life would be like. FOREVER GRATEFUL!


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