I wouldn’t have said I was a huge drinker before taking this challenge, but I definitely used alcohol as a coping mechanism. I drank, whatever the occasion! I used alcohol to celebrate, commiserate, de-stress and relax. I really enjoyed a drink and wouldn’t dream of ever going out and not drinking. I always felt a little jealous of those friends that would go out and drive, and still have a great time as I never felt I could do that. If I went out at the weekend, I would always binge drink and wake up feeling dreadful the next day.

My OYNB Challenge

I initially signed up to 90 days, and completed that challenge without a blip! I was so proud of myself and felt I had learnt so much, so went back to drinking moderately. After a few months though, I was slipping back to my old ways and realised I really needed a year to really change my relationship with alcohol and so I upgraded to 365 and started from day 1 again.

I’m now 102 days into the challenge, and I’m reaping the benefits of AF life. I am back at the gym, and running regularly, and actually seeing results. My relationship with my husband and son is so much better, and we are enjoying taking on new things as a family. We recently started Parkrun together, and now look forward to doing this every Saturday morning. I am sleeping better, have lost weight and my skin is so much clearer. I also now know I can socialise without alcohol, and I’m finally that person that can drive and still be fun! Plus waking up the next day with a clear head is one of the best feelings in the world!

Stay connected

In the early days of this journey, it can be really tough, and being a part of the Facebook community has been a massive help to me. It’s great connecting with people who are going through the same sort of struggles as you, plus the positivity in the group really helps you to keep going when you are having a bad day! Also the daily emails are so helpful, and really start you thinking about the bigger picture, and where this challenge will take you. It’s not just about giving up alcohol, it’s all the opportunities that open up to you when you take a break from the booze!

Looking forward to my future!

I still have a long way to go in my journey, but I am really enjoying everything I am learning about myself and can’t wait to see what happens over the next 9 months. I am so glad I found OYNB and can’t thank Andy, Ruari and the team enough for what they are doing.


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