“The daily emails from OYNB were thought provoking – one encouraged me to take on a physical challenge which was brilliant.”

I simply wanted to change my relationship with alcohol. Examples set before me through childhood were reinforced during 8 years of college followed by 8 years as a United States Army Military Officer. Family, social, and societal norms were no longer aligning with how I was evolving. Said norms were also not the example I wanted to perpetuate to my children, nieces and nephews. During previous alcohol-free periods I was left feeling isolated, misunderstood and therefore I withdrew socially.

An entire tribe of like-minded individuals with one resonating goal. I was surprised at the level of honest sharing that took place within the forums. I was surprised at how many stories were similar to mine, and that the circumstances surrounding the consumption of alcohol spanned across so many levels. 

“Alcohol doesn’t make things interesting; it makes your mind stupid so that things that would otherwise have bored it are suddenly enough to occupy it.” 

Alcohol Explained

Over the course of my OYNB challenge…

woman after quitting drinkingI have learned how to socialise freely and joyfully without the aid of alcohol. Understanding that if a situation becomes boring, uncomfortable or intolerable I simply need to disengage. I have remained alcohol-free for my 25th high school reunion, family beach holiday, family mountain holiday, girls’ weekend away as well as the suicide of my brother-in-law and death of my sweet and precious Grandmother. I learned that success and joy can be celebrated amazingly alcohol-free, and that being present through grief is a powerful experience.  

My alcohol-free benefits

Everything has improved, from sleep, energy, strength and endurance. The daily emails from OYNB were thought provoking – one encouraged me to take on a physical challenge which was brilliant. I trained and completed a Sprint Triathlon and it felt amazing! Then there is the Tribe…oh the Tribe of AF warriors who just want to try to push outside the societal norm of alcohol consumption and are bravely willing to share their successes and failures with raw honesty. I believe it was due to these factors that I was able to succeed. 


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