AFM is so much more than taking a break from alcohol. It was transformative in all honesty.

Over an extended period, I went from a heavy social drinker – after sport, at events, celebrations, dinner parties to a heavy drinker where alcohol was being used as a coping mechanism. I went from wanting to drink to feeling the need to drink. I went from enjoying it 100% of the time (hangovers included) to rarely enjoying it any of the time. The last 5 years of my drinking life started to take its toll physically and mentally – so much so I’d say my life status was just survival.

My alcohol-free journey so far

I’d successfully completed 2 90-day challenges both blip free – so demonstrated to myself I could abstain without drinking for a given period. Once challenges were complete, I attempted to moderate both times unsuccessfully – to the point I was probably drinking more afterwards than before. Fundamentally my relationship with alcohol had not changed. I could deny myself alcohol for a period, but this was by will power alone – and eventually the willpower ran out.

Discovering Alcohol-Free Me

I joined AFM because I wanted to dig deeper into my whole relationship with alcohol and see it in the bigger picture of leading a happy and fulfilled life. My desire was to get to the point where I no longer wanted to drink.

AFM has delivered everything I was wanting and more – the community, coaches. support and care in without doubt a game and life changer. The inclusive environment allows everybody to find their own speed, engagement levels and comfort zone – going all in was never easier and more rewarding. AFM is so much more than taking a break from alcohol. It was transformative in all honesty.

What I have gained

My physical health has significantly improved – I now get so much more done consistently. The really big change has been I feel so much more positive, optimistic, engaged and happy.

AFM provided me with a safe and inclusive environment to discover how best to start my AF journey and there was always someone on hand to provide additional support when needed. It gave me access to thought provoking and stimulating content that helped me tackle and learn key life skills.


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