I was always active and into sports when I was a teenager but my priorities shifted around 20 when alcohol and music took over from eating healthy and playing sports. Like many, I could get away with a lot of things when I was younger, but when I hit 30 I found myself weak, heavy and suffering back injury from my days playing sports. I started some activities, but it never did last and I did not change my lifestyle at all.

organicHowever, for the past 10 years or so I have slowly been getting in better shape. I've tried to live a really healthy life and I constantly make small choices throughout the day, eat this, not that, study supplements and even when to eat certain foods in relation to my exercise programs. I exercise at least 4 days per week, sometimes more than once per day on my active days. I've cut out sugar and white bread, most wheat products, milk products and processed meat. I also eat a lot of chicken and fish, vegetables, eggs and nuts. Sounds good?

The problem is that I did not cut out alcohol until 4 months ago. I always found a way to drink. At one point in my life I would reward myself with a beer (who am I kidding: BEERS!) after workout or a hike or a day skiing. For the last couple of years I tried to stay away from beer (carbs) and choose wine or strong clear spirits rather than sugary drinks, but that usually resulted in drinking more that I should. I would always find some excuse to drink.

As a result I did not see any real progress. Why? Alcohol totally fucks up my metabolism, protein synthesis and my hormones for five to ten days after I drink. If I would drink every weekend it would totally ruin my gainz. Even drinking every other weekend would mean serious setbacks on my way to my best form and healthier life. Status quo at best.

Yes I cut out sugar and carbs, but I kept drinking the worst poison for my body. Stupid!



Now, I'm 44 years old and it is more difficult to stay fit and make real progress as we get older. Testosterone levels drop significantly even without the help of alcohol. So we need even more dedication to see any results.

Staying healthy and fit is one of my greatest motivators in the OYNB challenge. I'm 4 months in and I already feel (and look) better and I look forward to see my gainz multiply as I keep sober and take my fitness to the next level!

Stay healthy kids — Feeling fresh.

– OYNB Hero




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