I started this journey on my own, drinking in the house. An ad for OYNB kept appearing on my Facebook feed. After sinking around 8 cans of Stella I was feeling low, anxious and depressed with no motivation. I was tired of drinking every day and the negative feelings I had after a session. I decided to click on the link and read more, after looking at the inspirational posts and seeing the before and after photos, I decided I was going to give it a go. I was worried my wife would laugh at me, but I went ahead and signed up anyway. She really did laugh when I told her, but we laughed a lot together!

My alcohol-free challenge

I am now on day 83/90 with no resets, feeling the best I have ever felt in my adult life. From the very first email I could relate to the emotions and challenges OYNB were talking about in every video! I almost felt they were just for me. Being alcohol-free has allowed me to be in control of my emotions and feelings and more importantly it has allowed me to sort out my life. I have developed stronger more meaningful relationships with the people I love the most. I have been able to take control of my finances and plan for a better future.

A joint effort

The journey has allowed me to train hard every day and start feeling some amazing feelings that I hadn't felt before. After laughing so hard, my wife decided to join me on the challenge which has allowed us to enhance our marriage and grow stronger together, enjoying the wonderful times sober silliness has brought us. We have also lost weight making us both feel amazing and our confidence has grown.

Continuing to 365

As this challenge has changed my life so much. I decided on day 80/90 that I would sign up for OYNB 365!! For anyone struggling with life and using alcohol to try to cope and forget all their worries, I can guarantee going alcohol-free will help to solve a lot of it. I was a huge sceptic, but joining OYNB will support you on your journey! Get signing up! 

It will change your life for the better!


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