Being Irish, drinking was a very normal part of society growing up. Fast forward a few decades I was living in New Zealand. I was super healthy and led a fit lifestyle competing in Amateur boxing. I even made it to Nationals and got a silver medal. My life was boxing. Then my career took me to Maldives and I seemingly replaced my boxing with drinking. As my career took off, so did my drinking!

Before OYNB

I am a very determined and dedicated person when it comes to career and hobbies, and I absolutely love my industry. So the more focused I got on my career, the higher the goals and the greater the wins celebrated with more wine! Thing is, due to a successful career, I didn’t see the alcohol as a problem. I was constantly working, travelling and being successful – what could possibly be wrong with wine every night?! We never think there is something wrong at that stage do we? But I couldn’t say no to number 2. It's that simple. That is the dangerous part… Not realising that the simplicity of the second drink is actually a very intricate problem.

7 Months Alcohol-Free

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be sitting here writing this nearly 7 months AF! Some fun facts: you may experience insomnia, at least I did, but know you will get through it! It was just a phase. I also had cravings for very strange things. I found it was helpful to document these in my journal. I also found that emotions would bubble to the surface, lots of emotions. I think you have to allow this to happen, surrender to it. Go easy on yourself, remember your meeting parts of yourself you have been at war with.

I’m not one for focusing on lows, there have been one or two mega lows across the last 6 months. It’s not been all unicorns and rainbows, however we have the amazing resources, guidance and support at our finger tips with OYNB.

My Achievements

A few of my achievements thanks to my OYNB journey; CLARITY, a complete change in gear for life, half marathon in Cambodia, multiple 10kms and park runs and registering for SPARTAN Ireland. I am developing my existing brand and launching a new one (eek just a little bit excited). I have relocated from Asia back home to Ireland and loving it (never dreamt this would happen, ever), given up cigarettes, increased my plant based meals and lowered the chocolate intake. This has has a magical impact on my body shape, plus my fluid retention is gone.

Best of all, of course, I feel I have found my own identity. I have completed my Reiki Practitioners level, Laughter Yoga Teacher training and starting my PT certificate this month (my dream for a long time – but always had a hangover!) I have gained deep, beautiful sleep and also amazing new friendships with people who share my passions. Remember your vibe attracts your tribe!!! With OYNB you certainly get a tribe and a new fresh vibe!

My advice if this is your time, jump straight into it, we are all behind you for support, be vulnerable. It’s one of the safest spaces I have come across. Allow this process to work magically. I am coming up on 7 months AF, I am now focusing on working on boundaries. Rome wasn’t built in a day eh?!


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