“Since May 5th of 2019 life has dramatically changed for the better”

I joined OYNB because for a while I had felt a bit like, ‘maybe I was drinking too much.’ I always rationalised it, compared myself to others that were drinking just as much, convinced myself that it was normal and just what you do. I told myself that I deserved my wine after a long day of parenting and running a business, or that it relaxed me. Except, it was never just one glass. It was more like a bottle. More often than not I was waking up cranky, irritable, snapping at my kiddos, losing patience with everyone and usually battling a headache of sorts. 

I didn’t have a stereotypical ‘rock bottom’

Before quitting alcoholI like to call it a high bottom. There were no DUI’s or dramatic event. I just woke up one day and said, enough is enough. I had toyed with “slowing down” my drinking for a while but I really started to be honest with myself about my behaviour and what kind of role model I wanted to be for my kids. I took a harsh look in the mirror realised something had to give.

OYNB appealed to me because giving up drinking “forever” seemed daunting and I wasn’t ready to take that leap. But anyone can do anything for 28 days. I knew I needed to change my relationship with alcohol. I need real strategies and tools to apply to real life situations and OYNB gave me just that. I also wanted to be able to connect with people who were in my similar situation of ‘grey-area-every-day-over-doing-it-a-bit drinking’. I knew, like anything, that I would need to put work into this. Doing my own research, using the tools OYNB provided and putting the effort in has resulted in an entirely new lifestyle. 

The results are incredible

Since May 5th of 2019 life has dramatically changed for the better. My sleep is incredibly restful. My patience level is a million times better. My relationships with my kids and my husband are dramatically improved and while I still have some pounds to lose, medically, I’ve been told I’m in the “best shape of my life” by both my traditional and holistic doctors. My business is thriving, and I am 100% more calm and tranquil. I have virtually no anxiety, am able to clearly think things through. I find that I am significantly more responsive vs. reactive in my temper when faced with the challenges of life and people. It was hands down the BEST decision I ever made. 

I loved the practical applications

woman after stopping drinkingTools for real life scenarios such as work functions, what to tell people, how to go public, how to deal with reactions of those in your life (both good and bad). It wasn’t just “don’t drink”. I loved the science behind what alcohol does to the body and the logic behind why alcohol can be dangerous. In addition, I loved seeing the support. I never thought I had a problem. We live in a society where it is made so difficult to go alcohol-free. You are opening yourself up to potential judgment, questions, gossip and rumours. We live in a culture where parents believe they ‘need’ wine to be a good parent and the mommy-wine culture is rampant. Business deals are made over bottles of booze and it’s touted as classy or sophisticated. This challenge helped me realise that these societal norms were not normal or healthy or necessary at all, contrary to what advertising tells us. OYNB gave me confidence to fall back in love with who I truly am.


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