This was a major ‘pat on back’ moment. I had just completed my one year of zero alcohol. The challenge I had set myself and failed many times before was now in the bag. I felt on top of the world. My life now was almost unrecognisable to the one I had left behind a year ago. My health was better than ever before. I had gone back to University part-time, completed my degree, and was now on the way to a masters. The new business was up and running, and I had helped create the OneYearNoBeer challenge. My family life was thriving and I was back in the best shape of my life. All those goals I had dreamt of were becoming a reality. I am not trying to be overdramatic, but it’s true.


Of course, everyone wanted to know if I would celebrate with a glass of champagne or go on a massive session. The answer was simple – not in a million years. As I had hoped and dreamt a hundred times before, while hungover and full of self-loathing, my perception of alcohol had been changed forever. I now knew for a fact that alcohol offers me nothing, it only takes away. Why would I ever want to partake in something that would threaten the vibrant life I had built over the last year. For me, this was a total no-brainer. I could drink if I wanted, but I had absolutely zero interest. This is the beauty of OneYearNoBeer. The chance to completely turn your relationship with alcohol on its head. I would challenge anyone to complete the year and not have their perception of alcohol changed forever. This is the real power of OYNB.


I clearly remember times when I thought it would be impossible to do a week let alone 90 days. But if I can do it, so can you. If right now the year is too much to fathom, join us, sign up, and commit to just 90 days. We would love to have you onboard.


Now the challenge of a year without alcohol is over, it is time to look forward to the next adventure. Peak performance. Quitting alcohol has created an amazing platform for me to perform at my best in both life and work. What I want to know is how far can I take this?  Can I improve my diet, exercise routines, and mindfitness to reach new levels of thriving? This for me is my next challenge and I would love you to join me. Watch this space.

Good luck on your adventures


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