You’ve confirmed your reset and you’re now off to a fresh start!

How would you like to get an extra boost of support that will dig deeper into what’s been holding you back and help you stay you on track?

Take control of your alcohol-free journey and smash through your goals

Join our Alcohol-Free Me (AFM) programme to get extra daily guidance and support, so you can finally and completely transform your relationship with alcohol.

Join Alcohol-Free Me (AFM) for just:


When you join AFM, you will receive all of this for a full month*:

Coach-led zooms

We host daily zoom catch-ups so that you can connect online with the coaches and members to give you that extra support and accountability – this is where the magic happens!

Coaching resources

We post daily resources and materials on the discussion board for you to use, learn from and action on your alcohol-free journey.

Positivity power-ups

We have regular lifestyle “soundbites” to support your awareness around all of the positive aspects of being alcohol-free.

Coach check-ins

We are active, alongside the AFM community members, on the discussion board daily to support you through the successes and setbacks.

Coach-led book club

We host a monthly Zoom book club to chat about an inspirational book or podcast to support your learning on your alcohol-free journey.

Community support

Your fellow AFM members (and they are awesome!) are always there to offer friendly encouragement and support on the discussion board and zoom catch-ups.

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How Will AFM Help You?

Gain More Clarity

Find out what has been holding you back, so you can better understand how to overcome any future challenges you face.

Become More Confident

Find the confidence to stand firm and be proud of your decision to be alcohol-free so you can push through challenging moments and tackle those personal triggers.

Eliminate Self-Sabotage

Eliminate self-sabotage by giving you additional tools to create a winning mindset that will boost your progress.

Become More Confident

Get daily accountability and be inspired by a tight-knit group of like-minded people who can relate to your journey and provide additional encouragement and support.

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