The World is a future adventure now and I no longer feel like I am under a grey cloud of unhappiness and tiredness.

Before joining OYNB I was a binge drinker and typically used alcohol to numb stress. I had given up drinking for various periods in the past, but when I joined a cycling club I fell into old ways. Cycling for 100km then lunch and pints!

Overtime the focus shifted away from cycling, and more into planning for the pints afterwards. Cycle to a pub and then get the train home, what a sad way to be when I think of it. I couldn’t accept my body was tired and in pain and I needed to numb with alcohol instead of resting and relaxing.

I would also be partying with friends drinking heavily over some weekends, maybe only 5 or 6 times a year, but they were 4am jobs and I would take 3/4 days to recover physically and weeks mentally. The old phrase of ‘I was tired of being tired’ fitted me well.

Time for a change

Craig after his challengeIt was time I truly found acceptance in a positive way. Every sober party or holiday made me sad and ungrateful while looking at others wishing I could find peace. I needed to find a lifelong solution?! I ruined many parties for my wife while sober! My hairdresser mentioned OYNB after a weekend of drinking and I am now 95 days in.

Since starting my challenge, my sleep is excellent. I have less anxiety and more energy. I love surfing, cycling and caravanning. The World is a future adventure now and I no longer feel like I am under a grey cloud of unhappiness and tiredness. My family are more relaxed around me and the beautiful retro caravan we bought will be from the next 5 years of alcohol money saved.

Some realisations

I have learnt and realised the basic fact alcohol is not for me. I keep a journal and I am working at being the best I can possibly be in this short time on earth. We don’t own anything really and are here passing by, let’s enjoy the short time!

The OYNB Challenge daily videos helped me every morning by starting a positive habit. I would then complete a small journal entry. It gives me joy to see people on Facebook and the WhatsApp groups too. I like seeing success stories and happy people. This is all I want in life and OYNB gives inspiration.


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