OYNB 121 Coaching Terms & Conditions.


The client:

  • Agrees to employ their OYNB Coach for the purpose of guiding and supporting them to identify, structure and achieve the goals they have agreed to work on together.  
  • Understands and agrees that the OYNB coach is not a psychologist, psychotherapist or counsellor.
  • Is not obliged to take any advice, suggestions or requests made by their coach.
  • Agrees not to hold the coach liable for any decisions they make during or after the coaching period or the outcome of any decisions they make during that period and takes full responsibility for their actions.
  • Authorizes their OYNB coach to be direct, honest and supportive.
  • Understands that Coaching is typically conducted either via Zoom Video or telephone.
  • Is expected to be timely in attending their sessions and takes responsibility for being available on Zoom at the appointed session time and takes full responsibility for sessions which are cut short because they have been unable, for whatever reason, to start the call on time.
  • Understands that if they have not rescheduled a coaching session within 24 hours of the scheduled time they will be charged for that session.
  • The client understands that their success in obtaining their desired outcome from the Coaching sessions is dependant upon them taking personal responsibility and action.

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