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You will:

✓ Unlock more energy in your life, enhance your productivity and improve your relationships with the ones you love.

​✓ Wake up every morning with a clear head, feeling fresh, buzzing with productivity and a drive to make a positive impact.

✓ Get all the support and help you need to overcome the biggest obstacles and struggles most people face when giving up alcohol.

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What's Included In The Challenge?


Over the next 5 days we will guide you through the biggest obstacles you face when taking a break from the booze and lay the foundations to completely transforming your drinking habits

'A Twist' To Remaining Alcohol Free - The Recording Process

Discover how to successfully take a break from the booze by building momentum and motivation to propel you through your alcohol free journey as easily as possible. 

Reviewing The Streak - Behavioural Change

We look at how you can turn slip-ups and fumbles to your advantage and come back even stronger by re-wiring your habits and re-framing your perception of alcohol.

Discover What Drives You - The 2 Types Of Motivation

Uncover the 2 different types of motivation you need to achieve short and long term goals and how to connect with your ‘Marshmallows’ to crush your alcohol free challenge.

Being Pulled In Two Directions? Do This To Combat It!

We conquer the love hate relationship with alcohol and look at alternative ways you can achieve the same perceived benefits you receive from alcohol.

Finding Mindfulness To Keep You On Track

We take a deeper look into your cravings and guide you through a mindfulness technique to break them down and stop your temptations.

Finding Mindfulness To Keep You On Track


We all know what it's like running on autopilot, reaching for that drink without thinking or giving in to our cravings too easily… and regretting it almost immediately. 

It is the reason most people fail their alcohol free challenges. They simply don't know how to conquer these habits or train their mind to be aware of the subconscious actions they take.

 In this FREE mini-challenge we will show you some simple but extremely powerful mindfulness techniques to transform your relationship with alcohol and watch your life transform around you.

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