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Congratulations on committing to a fresh start!

As a thank you for joining the One Year No Beer 28-Day Challenge, we are unlocking an exclusive opportunity to make your journey even easier & accelerate your success.

Boost your mindset for success with an acceleration coaching call

Start your challenge with the added advantage of personalised support so you can get the most out of the experience.



In the 60-minute session, your assigned coach will:
Help you identify your best strategy to successfully conquer the challenge with ease and joy.
Address your biggest worries and tackle your biggest fears so you minimize the risk of giving up halfway through.
Guide you to experience your first small win by helping you experience your first mindset shift around alcohol, so you can start the challenge strong.

Find out more about coaching here.

*Please note, by clicking “Yes! I want the best possible start!” Your payment card will automatically be charged £99 for a 60-minute 121 coaching experience. If you do not wish to accept this offer, please hit “No thanks!”

How will the acceleration coaching call help you?

Boost your motivation

Get personalised support and encouragement from an experienced coach to make the most out of this experience and get you feeling excited about this change. 

Create a winning mindset

Dissolve your biggest worries and fears so you can begin your challenge with a winning mindset from the get-go.

Start the challenge strong

Set and achieve your first small win with your coach by your side to start your challenge with a boost that sparks the momentum of progress.

Unstoppable clarity & confidence

Identify the best strategy that supports your strengths and fits your learning style so you gain unstoppable clarity and confidence to push past the finish line.

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