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Congratulations on starting your alcohol-free adventure. We are delighted that you have chosen to join us on this challenge.

Contained within this page are all the extra resources mentioned in the book.

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Two-minute breathing exercise

The two-minute breathing exercise is a wonderful introduction to mindfulness. By staying focused on the breath you are grounded in the present moment. This prevents you chasing thoughts into the future and back into the past.


This short yet insightful visualisation will introduce you to the relaxing benefits of these type of mental exercises. Also, it can demonstrate how powerful visualisations can be in opening us up to new ideas and thoughts.

Morning meditation

This is the perfect introduction to the wider field of meditation and features a mixture of affirmations and focused breathing that will start your day with a smile. It is important to take just a few minutes every day to allow the mind to settle look forward to the day ahead.

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Books to read!

Shawn Stevenson – Sleep Smarter

Our favourite has to be Shawn Stevenson. We were lucky enough that he appeared on our podcast and it’s one of our most downloaded episodes. You can check it out here. 

Stevenson’s book will show you the best science-based tips and tricks to hack your sleeping habit. 

Arianna Huffington - The Sleep Revolution

If nothing else the fact that one of the busiest women in the world is bestowing the virtues of sleep says it all. After burning out due to stress, Arianna discovered the restorative power of sleep and she shares her story and tips within this fantastic book. 

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