Maybe you don't think meditating is for you or you just don't have the time for it. Well, do we have news for you! Meditating is for everyone and you always have the time! Not what you wanted to hear? Trust us, meditating isn't hard and it has so many benefits you’ll wish you started earlier.


So what are the benefits I’ll reap from sitting down with my eyes closed?




How do you get started?


Don’t worry so much about how you sit, you don’t need to go full on yogi. You can sit in a chair if you want or cross-legged on the floor, just make sure your spine is upright with your head, in other words posture, posture, posture. If you need some help straightening up pretend there's a string running through your body pulling your neck and head towards to sky.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to sit with your eyes closed, actually some people feel more present keeping them open. If you choose to do the later than just lower your eyes and let your gaze blur, try not to focus on anything specific. You’ll find out what works best for you as you meditate more.

Someone may have told you “focus on nothing”, “push your thoughts out of the way” and while that’s true it’s kind of hard to do. Try focusing on your breath, think of it as a life force that connects your soul to the outside world and by doing that you somehow become build awareness. 


 Breathing Counts

Don’t try to do anything crazy with your breathe, just let it do what it does naturally. As you breathe out of your nose try to focus on how your breath moves in and out of your body. Notice how the breath moves in and out automatically, feel your power!



Now you might be the type of person who panics at the thought of stopping your thoughts, well you don’t have to. When you start thinking of something just imagine it’s someone knocking at your door, acknowledge them and then ask them to come back a little later. You’re the one in control.
Some people enjoy meditation music, but honestly, nothing beats silence. We’re surrounded by noise most of the time so take some quiet time for your mind.

Now don’t freak out, but try starting with 10 minutes, this short meditation will give you the time to settle your mind without putting strain on your body. Sitting in an upright position won’t be easy at first, but like anything as you continue to meditate your body and mind will conform to your new choices.



Now here’s the fun part! You might be a no frills kind of person, but have a little fun. Light a few candles, make a little shrine, stones, seashells, whatever makes you happy, make this a special place to sit, you deserve it!



Enjoy it!

The most important thing is for you to enjoy meditating. Life can be so busy and we’re constantly moving from one thing to the next, this is time for you, make the most of it!


Challenge yourself to a week of meditating and see if it makes a difference in your life, if it does then stick to it!


Weekly Testimonial

Loving life & not missing the booze one little bit. Woke up at 6am each morning this week to run & I’ve started a beginners meditation course. Something I’ve wanted to try since… Forever! I have an upcoming night out that I’m not even worrying about because I feel strong enough to not have a drink (I’ll be doubly prepared just in case). So glad to finally have made this positive change. Love reading everyone’s stories, the continuous support and daily ‘affirmations’. Thanks OYNB & Troops! – Loren


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