Often those who protest the loudest are the most scared. I know this because I was. I could not bare to be around non-drinkers. On reflection I understand why. I was totally uncomfortable about my own habits and anyone who shone a bright light on the subject or made a stand was not for me.

Having seen both sides of the argument I feel that I am well placed to offer some advice. Firstly sit with this thought for a while.

‘Why is it that when you consider not drinking for a period of time it fills you with dread?’

Just ask yourself why?

Surely when you take some time to truly consider the statement above it tells you everything you need to know.

It is meant to be a pleasurable pastime, which itself implies you can take it or leave it.  

But now after years of enjoying this ‘pleasurable’ pastime, the thought of taking it away feels so daunting. I hear these type of comments all the time:

‘But I won’t be a laugh anymore, the lads will think I am boring’

‘You can’t smoke, now we can’t drink what else is there to do?’

Just listen to yourself, just listen to these words and ask yourself has alcohol taken over your life in ways you never expected?

Your own mind is telling you that unless you have this drug in your life – it will be boring. How ridiculous is that. What about all those years before you had a drink, life was still fun. And what about all those great times you have without alcohol. Don’t let yourself be fooled into believing that it is alcohol alone that brings enjoyment to your life.

It is critical to realise that this is not your fault. Quite simply you have been conditioned over the years to use alcohol. This conditioning has wrongly associated itself with having a good time, being funny, giving you courage and helping you relax. You have built a belief system that says –

‘Life without alcohol would be boring’

When this is totally false belief. Luckily the beauty of the human mind is that beliefs can be broken, conditioning changed and positive associations made.

For those who are still in doubt – ask yourself another question

‘What if you have it all wrong?’

Would it be a fair argument to make – that there are now millions of people out there who are totally thriving without alcohol? Let’s be honest you only have to look around the OYNB site to know this is true. Would it also be fair to say that unless you have fully experienced something then you cannot really judge the merits of both sides of the argument. You are simply guessing.

What if you have it wrong? and all these people who no longer drink are really having a wonderful time and enjoying life more than ever. They are healthier, wealthier, better at their jobs, are thriving at home and generally loving life. Of course life changes, staying out to 3 am talking shi*e might no longer appeal – but it opens up a whole new world that is often missed in the fog of hangovers and regret.

So why not take the 30 day or 90 day challenge – just on the off chance you have it all wrong, just incase your belief system has been tricked through years of false association. Just 3 months of your life – a mere blip in the scheme of things.

If we are wrong and your life is still better with alcohol in it – then at least you can safely say you have had a look at both sides of the argument. And if we are right it might positively change your life forever. Surely this has to be a no brainer?

Good luck on your adventures.

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