Why Podcasts Matter

One of the greatest developments in the world of learning over the last few years is the rise of the podcast. As much as I am an avid reader, I adore listening to a select few podcasts. They offer so much more than your stereotypical 10 minute TV interview with a worn out celebrity promoting their latest film. The quality of guest you can find on some podcasts is off the scale. It seems that the world’s top professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and life hackers enjoy giving up some of their time to be interviewed on a podcast because it’s so easy. There is no travel, studios or makeup–all you need is an internet connection and your voice. The simplicity of the setup is so appealing that it has taken this genre of discovery to a whole new level.

For those of you who love to learn, this is now such an abundant place full of wisdom and life-changing ideas. I have personally gained so much from the strangest places – simply by listening.

A great example was listening to the brilliant Jeff Sander’s 5 AM Miracle podcast which is all about productivity. I was intrigued to discover that Jeff had changed his diet, to that of a vegan, to help boost his productivity. Jeff also suggested another podcast called the No Meat Athlete which set the wheels in motions for massive positive change in my life. Encouraged and inspired by listening to both these podcasts, I changed also my diet from a typical meat eater to a vegan diet. This was a massive life change inspired by audio. Of course, not everyone will end up changing their diet, but the point is that learning from these thought leaders opened up my world.

To think that within seconds, you can download a podcast that could change the direction of your life – how amazing is that? To gain access to the minds of the world’s leading thinkers is one of the greatest advantages of the internet.

So feeling inspired, we decided to create our very own podcast  – the One Year No Beer podcast! Ruari and I have both been busy recording over the last few months and we have some amazing guests from Ryan Holiday, one of the world’s top thought leaders, to Mike Vardy, a productivity guru, who, by the way, changed his life by taking the One Year No Beer 90 day challenge!

The OYNB podcast launches next week. Subscribe to our podcast today so the episodes will be ready and waiting for you!

You can also use this time to get things set up and start listening to some of the shows listed below. This will get you into the swing of things and have you prepped and ready to download our show once it goes live!

PLEASE NOTE – The most important thing you can do today is subscribe to the One Year No Beer / Hack Your Healthy Lifestyle podcast.

For those of you who are new to podcasts follow these steps:

  • Login into iTunes OR search for the ‘podcasts' app on your iPhone
  • Select ‘podcasts’ from the section that normally points to music, movies …
  • Then search ‘oneyearnobeer’
  • Then hit the ‘subscribe’ button – job done!!

Here are our top podcast recommendations:

OneYearNoBeer / Hack Your Healthy Lifestyle

The Tim Ferriss Show (author of 4-Hour Workweek)

Rich Roll  (vegan ultra-athlete)

5 AM Miracle – Jeff Sanders

No Meat Athlete – Matt Frazier

Main Street Vegan- Victoria Moran

Productivityist – Mike Vardy

Athlete on Fire – Scott Jones

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