What a difference sobriety makes: Ten before and after pics of people who have quit alcohol by Daisy Steel - One Year No Beer

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Never has that been more true than when looking at these before and after pictures of some of our OYNB challengers.

Michael Gonslaves, OYNB Challenger

Michael quit drinking just over two years ago. He says it changed everything. Initially he went alcohol free to help with his weight. Cutting out 4,000 empty calories a week gave him more energy and focus, and he started working out. This led to even more weight loss (as you can see from the pics) and a much more positive outlook. His goal now is to be in the best shape of his life in his fifties.

Karen Sutherland, OYNB Challenger

Karen says she feels a million times better having quit drinking. These pictures were taken just a few months apart but what a difference! You can see she has lost weight but her skin is hugely improved too – as Karen says, her face has “lost that bloated look.” Karen completed the 90 day challenge and then decided to continue on her alcohol free journey.

Nath Simpson, OYNB Challenger

Nath feels and looks ten years younger since going alcohol free. He says he’s hugely embarrassed about the way he looked before he quit drinking but he shared his before and after photos in the hope of inspiring others. He says giving up drinking has given him a new lease of life – his mind is clear, he’s got his bounce back and he’s a much better father.

Pam, OYNB Challenger

Pam says she was surprised at how much giving up alcohol changed her life. Her sleep improved, her energy returned and she feels a million times better. Her diet is healthier, she exercises more and she uses a journal as part of being more mindful. As you can see from the pictures she has lost about twenty pounds in weight. Now she says she can’t imagine ever wanting a drink again.

Barry, OYNB Challenger

Barry says quitting alcohol was the best thing he has ever done for himself. He says it more than puts back the effort you put in, but you have to stick with it. His advice to people just starting out on their challenge is to drink plenty of water – pints of it. “It will rehydrate, energise you and help you sleep better.”

Amber, OYNB Challenger

Amber says this year has been one of the best of her life. For years, she believed that alcohol was helping her to have fun, relieving her stress and helping her unwind. Going alcohol free made her realise that in fact it was dulling her senses, holding her back and adding no enjoyment to her life. In a year, she lost two and a half stone and she’s happier, healthier and fitter than she’s ever been.

Kevin Rowe, OYNB Challenger

Kevin says he’s surprised at how different he looks in his before and after photos which were taken 90 days apart. But he says the physical difference doesn’t begin to reflect how different he feels from within. The anxiety and impending sense of doom have gone – one of the main reasons he decided to quit drinking. He says his sleep has improved, his energy levels are better and even Monday mornings (without the hangover) are good now too!

Felicia Macintyre, OYNB Challenger

Felicia says she used to drink a bottle of wine five nights a week. She stopped drinking for eight months then took it up again but started suffering from massive panic attacks. Now she is back being alcohol free, she’s back in the gym, running three times a week. She says she’s lost ten pounds and has loads more energy. Quitting booze the second time around has left her feeling content and more confident than ever before.

Tom Kiely, OYNB Challenger

Tom says going alcohol free has taught him to be himself in his own skin again and to take charge of who he is. “You don’t need booze to have fun, to meet people. To live. People will ask, some may even be curious and ask again about your challenge. You are changing people’s thinking and other seeing the improvements in you will have people questioning the same thing you did. Without even maybe being aware, you’re leading from the front and actions speak louder than words.”

Sarah Fryer, OYNB Challenger

Sarah says signing up to OYNB was the best thing she could have done. She immersed herself in the emails, listened to the podcasts and scanned post after post on facebook from other people in the same boat. The key for her was replacing the wine with exercise. She found herself ditching unhealthy food in favour of fruit and veg and the weight naturally started to drop off. She went from being a size 16 to a size 12 and lost 22 pounds. Her mental health has improved and her anxiety levels are at an all time low. She says she is thrilled to have created a new life for herself where alcohol is no longer a threat to her happiness.

All of these people have seen big changes in their appearance thanks to going alcohol free. And it’s not just skin deep. You can see from the changes in their expression the difference quitting alcohol has made to their lives. If you think you might be interested in signing up to a 30, 90 or 365 day challenge, you can find out more here: https://www.oneyearnobeer.com/





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