"It's time to start living the life I deserve" - Brian Farley - One Year No Beer

Today marks 7 months since I stopped drinking…

If you’d have said that to me at the beginning of this journey, I’d have found that extremely hard to believe. I sat there, depressed, trying to piece together yet another blackout bender that filled me with immense shame and anxiety. Physically and emotionally I was wrecked. Years of not being able to just enjoy a couple… (having no handbrake we’d call it). I was stuck on a loop, heading from one weekend to the next, relying on alcohol to give me a false sense of confidence in which I have since come to learn it destroyed.

Drinking wasn’t all bad, as I had some really fun times but I certainly wasn’t happy. I was constantly robbed of energy, suffering wild emotions as I muddled on with a depression and anxiety I didn’t really understand. It took my lust for life, killed my creativity and I let it take so much of my time.

I didn’t have a clue who I actually was anymore.

I sat there looking at pictures of people who’d given up drinking and thought ‘can I do this’? I didn’t know anyone else who had attempted a challenge like this, but I knew I had to do something drastic to change my life. I decided to take a punt and sign up for the whole year – the 365 Day Challenge. I knew it had to big enough to move me into action. It was one of the most significant decisions of my life.

In the last 7 months it’s been a roller coaster of emotions, some of it has been so raw. I’ve opened up to my friends, family and to myself. I’ve achieved more in the last 7 months than I have in the last 7 years as I threw myself into the OYNB philosophies and challenged myself in so many ways. I soon learned this wasn’t just about my relationship with alcohol but how I wanted to live all aspects of my life.

I fell in love with exercise.

I have lost two stone through a combination of running, going to the gym, spinning, and boxing. I ran in the Spartan races with some of the other OYNB members and completed the coveted Trifecta. I started to enjoy running long distances and completed a number of races. I took myself back to school and studied two evening courses at the local arts University and am planning to launch my new photography business soon. I’ve got into things that were alien to me before like meditation, yoga and cold showers. I am so much more relaxed, focused and filled with positivity.

For the 1st time in a long time I can say I’ve started to find confidence. I love who I am, who I’m becoming and am excited for all that the future brings. Last year was about changing my mindset but this year is about me smashing it, embracing change and being open to new possibilities.

I’m fascinated to try further avenues of OYNB.

I am excited to explore the possibilities of a MasterMind course or the 121 Coaching as I hope to work towards figuring out my true north. I want to work towards a life in which I am time rich and can spend doing the things that make me happy with the people I love. I’ve been blown away by the incredible OYNB tribe (Facebook community) who have been absolutely inspirational in their advice, encouragement and friendship. I’ve not seen anywhere else like it. I’ve met some amazing people online through this group and in person at Spartan. I’m so glad to be a part of it and to help give hope to others like me.

It’s time to start living the life I deserve and thanks to OYNB I have the courage to go after it. There is a great strength in overcoming things as I learn everything I’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. It’s amazing and if you’re reading this then know if I can do it then so can you. Take that first step and begin as you have no idea where it will take you but it will undoubtedly be amazing.


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