The Joy of Sobriety | OYNB Podcast 038

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 038 – The Joy of Sobriety with Catherine Gray 

People who are struggling with drinking often feel the need to hide not just their drinking, but also the things that they do when they’re drinking. This can lead to lying or omitting facts, and trying to keep the story straight can end up feeling like carrying around a heavy weight. Today’s guest knows what that weight feels like, and how freeing it can be to set that weight down and let out the real story.

Catherine Gray is the author of The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober. The book details not only Catherine’s experiences with drinking, but also her experiences with life after drinking – what it feels like to live life sober and how it can lead to happiness in unexpected ways. In today’s episode, Catherine talks about her writing process, tips and tricks for people in the process of giving up alcohol, and Sober Spring.

“When I did start telling the truth about everything that actually happened, it felt like such a relief.”

Catherine explains that while she didn’t keep a journal while she was drinking, some moments stood out clearly in her mind – particularly those moments when she felt disappointed in herself. When she stopped drinking, she started writing and found that the words came pouring out. Catherine says that writing was cathartic, and that it’s ironic that her first book ended up being about something that she tried so hard to keep secret while it was happening.

Catherine also talks about some of the strategies people can use when they’re in the process of giving up drinking. For example, you can discourage people from pushing drinks on you at a party by keeping a glass of some non-alcoholic drink in your hand. Alternatively, it can help to practice some answers you can give for when people ask why you’re not drinking. Catherine also says that challenge programs like One Year No Beer, or her program, Sober Spring, which is 93 days of not drinking, can give people a reason to avoid drinking.


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